Russell Simmons -- Not a Renaissance Man

1/9/2009 4:30 AM PST

Russell Simmons -- Not a Renaissance Man

Don't lick hip hop kingpin Russell Simmons -- 'cause he's not a sucker.

Our spies at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel tell us Simmons' assistant called recently to inquire about the Presidential Suites and packages. The guy was all ears, until the hotel rep dropped the price -- $51,000. Simmons' lackey said it was way too much and hung up.

For the record, the deal is for the "Ultimate Presidential" package. It includes a three-night stay in the hotel's Presidential or Mayflower Suite, limo service to and from the airport, his-and-hers inaugural jewelry, Dom Perignon champagne with Baccarat toasting flutes, in-room massage for two, 24-hour butler service, a custom-designed cocktail by the guy the hotel calls "legendary" bartender Sambonn Lek, inaugural petit fours, and his-and-hers inaugural garb from Burberry to keep guests warm during the ceremony.

Simmons is worth an estimated $300,000,000. How did he get so rich? By not blowing his money on stupid petit fours and toasting flutes.