Tyrese - 77,946, Estranged Wife - 0

4/22/2009 3:30 PM PDT

Tyrese - 77,946, Estranged Wife - 0

Tyrese Gibson made just shy of a million bucks last year. His soon-to-be-ex-wife? Not so much.

According to docs just released in their ongoing divorce, Tyrese Gibson pulled in an estimated $77,946 per month in 2008 ($935,352 annually -- we used a calculator too). Norma Gibson made an estimated zilch.

Tyrese and Norma are still battling over support. He currently pays $6,230 a month.

The docs also reveal Tyrese owns two cars (a Bentley and a Land Rover), a house in Temecula, Calif., and two small production companies.

Mrs. Gibson's assets are listed simply as "paintings" and "jewelry."