Prince Von A-Hole I Vant to Be das MAYOR!!!

10/4/2011 4:00 PM PDT

Prince Von Anhalt -- I Vant to Be das MAYOR!!!

Prince Von Ahole has a very important announcement -- HE'S GONNA BE THE NEXT MAYOR OF LOS ANGELES ... if he can get enough people to vote for him

Yes, that means zee Prince intends to run for office during the 2013 election ... and TMZ has learned he plans to make his official announcement first thing tomorrow morning.

Prince tells TMZ ... if he gets elected to office, he plans to "create jobs, end homeless [that's the word he used] and encourage illegals to get legal."

It's not the first time zee Prince has declared intentions to run for public office -- he famously threw his hat in the ring in the 2009 California gubernatorial race ... only to pull out when his wife got sick a few months into the campaign.

Still, zee Prince says he's passionate about making a difference in L.A. -- telling us, "400,000 people out of jobs and 40,000 homeless. I see people eating out of trash cans everyday. This must end."

So, we gotta ask ...