TMZ Live Alec Baldwin Crying Over Stalker Trial

11/12/2013 9:00 PM PST

TMZ Live: Alec Baldwin -- Crying Over Stalker Trial

TMZ Live

Alec Baldwin the actor knows all about delivering powerful performances, and so does Alec the witness ... because he broke down on the stand today during the trial of his alleged stalker. Will a jury buy it?

Plus, is Brooke Mueller ready to parent full-time? Her twins with Charlie Sheen are about to move in, along with her brother, Scott. Is this a dream come true for her ... or worst nightmare?

Also ... MTV and SiriusXM host Sway Calloway joined us to talk about why President Obama is losing support from some hip-hop stars -- and why that's actually a good thing for the African-American community.

(0:00) Alec Baldwin breaks down on the witness stand -- then shows his usual crass as he exits the courthouse.
(6:00) Bruce Jenner is taking Lamar Odom under his wing -- and there's a reason Bruce has a better chance than most at turning his life around.
(10:00) Brooke Mueller's brother is a saint -- stepping in to take care of her twins.
(14:00) Tom Cruise -- Harvey has seen the video of his deposition ... and describes how Tom compared movies to fighting in Afghanistan.
(18:00) Sway Calloway joins us to talk about President Obama losing popularity amongst Black Americans.
(24:00) Taylor Swift -- the biggest hypocrite at the Victoria Secret fashion show?
(29:00) Dina Eastwood -- back to work after splitting with Clint.
(32:00) Jenna Jameson swore off porn ... but now she's back.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Kanye West ... winning us over!