Benjy from 'Howard Stern' ANALLY PROBED ON-AIR ... By Perez Hilton

6/23/2014 8:27 AM PDT

Benjy Bronk's Prostate Exam -- 'Howard Stern’ Star Probed By Perez Hilton (AUDIO)

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One of the stars of the Howard Stern show became a human finger puppet today -- when Benjy Bronk got a live prostate exam on-the-air ... courtesy of special guest proctologist Perez Hilton

As we previously reported, Benjy agreed to the "exam" as part of a weight-loss challenge he made with Howard -- Benjy had to lose 37 pounds ... or else his ass becomes a finger warmer. 

Benjy ... knowing it was a lost cause ... threw in the towel this morning -- and accepted the consequences of his bet during a live bit with Perez. 

The two traveled to a nearby hotel to carry out the deed ... with Benjy screaming his lungs out the entire time. 

In related news, Benjy would not do well in prison.