15 Throwback Golden Globes Photos YOU GOTTA SEE!

1/9/2015 12:33 AM PST

15 Throwback Golden Globes Photos That YOU GOTTA SEE!

When an award show has been around since 1944, there's bound to awesome photos from over the years in the vaults ... and the Golden Globes is no exception.

With the 72nd ceremony in full swing, let's do the time warp and look at a few of the famous faces who attended back in the day.

Michael Jackson & Joe Jackson (1973)

Herve Villechaize (1979)

Henry Winkler (1978)

Gregory Peck, Barbra Streisand & Martin Landau (1969)

Raquel Welch (1981)

Suzanne Somers (1979)

Anthony Hopkins (1979)

Christopher Atkins & Lori Loughlin (1981)

Sally Field (1980)

Jane Fonda & Jon Voight (1979)

John Travolta (1979)

Rock Hudson & Marilyn Monroe (1962)

Steve McQueen & Michael Douglas (1970)

Dustin Hoffman (1968)

Robin Williams (1979)