Michelle Rodriguez Dives in FRENCH RIVIERA Score Her FALL Style

5/26/2015 12:01 AM PDT

Michelle Rodriguez Dives in French Riviera -- Score Her FALL Style

While you splashed around in kiddie pools Memorial Day Weekend ... Michelle Rodriguez hung out with a few friends and practiced her jack-knife into a private pool along the the Mediterranean coastline.

Check out Michelle's water world and then score her style based on the pool pics!

10. Look over your liquid oasis

9. Pick your wedgie... and approach

8. I came in like a cannonbaaaaaall!

7. Discuss results with friends

6. Put your back(side) into it

5. Take the plunge

4. Commitment is key

3. No turning back now...

2. Don't forget to point your toes

1. Gasp for air and try to stay cool