Tila Tequila Apologizes ... I'm Not Pro-Hitler

8/30/2015 10:32 AM PDT

Tila Tequila Apologizes ... I'm Not Pro-Hitler

Tila Tequila is doing a full mea culpa for sympathizing with Hitler during a 2013 rant which led to her to get 86'd the first day of "Celebrity Big Brother UK."

Tila says, "I am in no way, shape or form a racist nor antisemitic, and absolutely 100% not a Nazi supporter." Tila says she immediately realized her mistake and wants a second chance with Big Bro.

Tila claims she'd been suffering from severe depression and drug addiction that was so bad she attempted suicide.

TMZ broke the story...Tila was booted from "Celebrity Big Brother" after producers said they couldn't tolerate someone who supported Hitler.