Kylie Jenner My Crib's a No-Snakes Zone ... Big Ole Rattler Found

7/30/2016 7:54 AM PDT

Kylie Jenner My Crib's A No-Snakes Allowed Zone

Kylie Jenner had an unwanted, slithering guest at her house Friday ... and to get rid of it, she called in L.A.'s finest to literally chop it's head off. 

It appears the rattlesnake was found while someone was doing yard work at Kylie's Hidden Hills crib. Her BFF Jordyn Woods shot the whole thing as the LAFD came out to take care of the snake ... with a ceremonial beheading.

No word on if Kylie was there to witness the surgical strike, but the takeaway here is -- not ALL long dark things are welcome in Kardashian-Jenner households.