Kristin Chenoweth My Boobs Behaved During 'Hairspray'

12/10/2016 9:09 AM PST

Kristin Chenoweth 's Boobs Were Under Control During 'Hairspray Live'


NBC censors can chill ... Kristin Chenoweth is reassuring them, the FCC and prudish viewers about how free her hooters did or didn't get during "Hairspray Live" the other night.

The day after the show aired there were a bunch of reports Kristin might have had a wardrobe malfunction right before the final bows. Well, we got her at LAX and asked if her girls tried to jump ship from the low cut pink dress she was rocking.

She denies pulling a Janet Jackson ... in a very Kristin way, of course. But more importantly here -- Kristin's boobs have names!