President Obama Give Your Ass The Prez Treatment ... At $1,500 Per Cheek

12/28/2016 12:30 AM PST

President Obama's Motorcade Chairs Up For Sale


America will need time to sit and think about President Obama's legacy -- but you can plant your butt on part of it right now ... for a steep price. 

RR Auction is selling off a pair of matching leather chairs that the Prez himself sat on during his 2008 election campaign. They're expected to fetch a cool $6,000 for the deuce. 

The chairs were on Obama's lead bus during his 2008 campaign, and we're told he sat in them often while jawboning with top advisers .... including Joe Biden and Michelle Obama

The chairs feature Barack's campaign logo stitched into the material, and get this ... they recline too!

Take that, Barcalounger!!!