Harrison Ford 'I'm the Schmuck Who Landed on the Taxiway'

3/24/2017 7:44 AM PDT

Harrison Ford Says 'I'm the Schmuck Who Landed on the Taxiway'


Harrison Ford told the tower at John Wayne Airport, "I'm the schmuck who landed on the taxiway."

TMZ has obtained communications between Ford and the tower. The audio above is Ford on his cellphone with the tower immediately after he lands on the taxiway and the audio below is the radio communication between Ford and the Tower during his plane landing.

Ford explains why he was confused ... a combination of encountering turbulence from an Air Bus and getting distracted by a jet that was on the runway.

Harrison Ford landed his single engine plane on the taxiway at John Wayne Airport in Orange County last month, buzzing an American Airlines 737 also on the taxiway on his way down.

The FAA is investigating.