American Airlines Flight Attendant Strikes Mother with Stroller Fight Nearly Erupts

4/22/2017 6:51 AM PDT

American Airlines Flight Attendant Strikes Mother of Twins with Stroller (VIDEO)

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An all-out brawl almost erupted on an American Airlines jet after a flight attendant allegedly struck a woman juggling her twins with a stroller and an angry passenger jumped to her defense.

It went down Friday night at San Francisco International Airport when passengers say the lady was trying to store the stroller, presumably in the overhead bin.  According to a passenger, the flight attendant wasn't happy about it and "violently" grabbed the stroller, striking the woman and narrowly missing one of her twins.

You see the woman in the video sob uncontrollably. Then watch as a passenger behind her stands up, clearly agitated, says something to the pilot who is watching on, and then takes his seat.

An American Airlines employee then enters the plane from the jetway and the male passenger stands up and threatens to knock the guy out. It seems the AA employee is the flight attendant who grabbed the stroller.

The flight attendant was "removed from duty."

American issued a statement, "What we see on this video does not reflect our values or how we care for our customers." 

The woman and her kids were given first class seats on a later flight.