Treasury Sect'y Steve Mnuchin Christmas is Horses**t!!!!

12/24/2017 6:54 AM PST

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Gets a Bunch of Crap for Christmas

Treasury Sect'y Steve Mnuchin and wife Louise must have been naughty this year -- as some say -- because he didn't even get coal for XMAS .. he got a package of s***.

The Mnuchin's have a home in Bel Air and law enforcement scrambled to his address Saturday night after a suspicious package addressed to the Treasury Secretary was found in a neighbor's driveway.

The package label said the givers were "The American People."

Turns out the package contained horse manure.  

The couple has pissed off many Americans for their in-you-face lifestyle ... especially Louise's, who flaunts her designer clothes with a Marie Antoinette attitude. 

The Secret Service is investigating.