Country Singer Daryle Singletary Dead at 46

2/12/2018 7:19 AM PST

Country Singer Daryle Singletary Dead at 46

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Country singer Daryle Singletary died suddenly Monday morning.

Singletary died at his home in Nashville. The cause of death is not immediately known, but it was unexpected.

Daryle had 5 Top 40 hits, including "I Let Her Lie" and "Amen Kind of Love." He also scored a number 4 song with "Too Much Fun."

He performed Friday in Alabama at The Rodeo Club and as far as we can tell there were no signs of trouble or health complications.

He was not a Bro Country guy ... his roots were more traditional country. He once said, "I've been fortunate to be able to always keep it real and not have to compromise."

Singletary was 46.