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Ben Flajnik

'Bachelor' Ex Courtney -- How Do Ya Like Me Now?

'Bachelor' Ex Courtney
How Do Ya Like Me Now?

Will you accept this pose?It's obvious what Courtney Robertson has been doing since winning on "The Bachelor" (if that's really possible) and then getting dumped by Ben Flajnik -- working out.The… READ MORE >

Courtney Robertson -- Who Said Diamonds Are Forever??

Courtney Robertson
Who Said Diamonds Are Forever?

Courtney Robertson is about $80k lighter today -- because "The Bachelor" winner finally returned her diamond engagement ring to its rightful owner ... and photogs caught every glorious moment of… READ MORE >

- 2290 days ago
'Bachelor' Winner Courtney Robertson -- MAKES OUT with 'Bachelorette' Reject Arie Luyendyk

'Bachelor' Winner Courtney
SUCKS FACE with 'Bachelorette' Reject

Courtney Robertson is one helluva rebounder ... 'cause days after she split from "Bachelor" Ben Flajnik ... she was TOTALLY MAKING OUT with one of the rejects from "The Bachelorette."TMZ obtained… READ MORE >

- 2291 days ago
'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson -- Shallow Times in Vegas

'Bachelor' Ben & Courtney
Shallow Times in Vegas

Former "Bachelor" Ben Flajnik and his current fiancée Courtney Robertson posed for a pic at MGM's Wet Republic in Las Vegas this weekend ... looking like two people who were forced to pose… READ MORE >

- 2458 days ago
'Bachelor' Ben & Courtney Hug It Out in Public

'The Bachelor'
Ben and Courtney Ready for Some PDA?

Still trying to convince the world they are really in love, "Bachelor" Ben Flajnik and his chosen alleged soon-to-be bride Courtney Robertson actually hugged and kissed at the airport in San… READ MORE >

- 2499 days ago
Courtney Robertson -- Still Trying to Convince Public She 'Loves' Ben Flajnik

Courtney Robertson
Still Trying to Convince Public She 'Loves' Bachelor Ben

"Bachelor" winner Courtney Robertson has reached Phase 2 in her shameless quest for fame -- the part where she tries to make everyone believe she's SERIOUS about her engagement to Ben… READ MORE >

- 2505 days ago
'Bachelor' Reject Blakeley Shea -- Can I Rub My Perfect Boobs in Your Face? Great.

'Bachelor' Reject
Can I Rub My Perfect Boobs In Your Face? Great.

"Bachelor" castoff Blakeley Shea is showing Ben Flajnik what he's really missing out on -- performing a head-spinningly sexy breast-in-the-face lap dance this week ... and there is a God ...… READ MORE >

- 2539 days ago
'The Bachelor' Is Rafael Nadal?

'The Bachelor'
Is Rafael Nadal?

Here's upcoming season 16 "Bachelor" Ben Flajnik in L.A. on Tuesday (left) -- and Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal last year (right).One has got game.We're just sayin'. READ MORE >

- 2595 days ago
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