'Bachelor' Reject Can I Rub My Perfect Boobs In Your Face? Great.

2/9/2012 2:00 AM PST

'Bachelor' Reject Blakeley Shea -- Can I Rub My Perfect Boobs in Your Face? Great.

"Bachelor" castoff Blakeley Shea is showing Ben Flajnik what he's really missing out on -- performing a head-spinningly sexy breast-in-the-face lap dance this week ... and there is a God ... because it was all caught on tape!!!

Blakeley hosts a weekly "Bachelor" viewing party at a nightclub in Charlotte, NC -- where she's from -- and on Monday, she got eliminated from the show ... so she marked the occasion by getting down and dirty with one of her girlfriends.

You may or may not guess it by her moves -- but Blakeley's 34. Hell freaking yes.