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David Walgren

Deputy District Attorney prosecuting Dr. Conrad Murray in his involuntary manslaughter case in the death of Michael Jackson.

Conrad Murray Prosecutor's Next Move -- Judge

Conrad Murray Prosecutor
Next Move -- Judge

File under "Nothing succeeds like success."David Walgren, the L.A. County Deputy District Attorney who put away Dr. Conrad Murray ... has thrown his hat in the ring to become an  L.A. County… READ MORE >

Conrad Murray Prosecutor -- Conrad Should Have Stayed Away from 'Today'

Dr. Murray Prosecutor
Conrad Should've Stayed AWAY from 'Today' Show

Dr. Conrad Murray NEVER should have agreed to be interview by "Today" ... because the "complete lack of remorse" he demonstrated on the show made him look even more guilty ... this according to… READ MORE >

- 2609 days ago
Conrad Murray Trial Prosecution -- What's Wrong with This Picture?

Conrad Murray Prosecution
What's Wrong with This Picture?

The man of the hour -- Prosecutor David Walgren -- who won the Conrad Murray case, might as well have been sent to Siberia by his boss, L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley, because he was… READ MORE >

- 2632 days ago
Dr. Conrad Murray Trial -- Prosecution Says Murray Killed Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray Trial
Prosecution: Murray Killed MJ

The Michael Jackson manslaughter trial will never end for Michael Jackson's 3 kids ... because Conrad Murray is the reason their father is dead -- so said prosecutor David Walgren in a powerful… READ MORE >

- 2636 days ago
Dr. Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial -- Prosecution Rests in Death of Michael Jackson

Conrad Murray Trial
Prosecution to Defense: What YOU Got?

The prosecution just rested its case in Dr. Conrad Murray's trial -- now Murray's team will almost immediately attempt to make its case ... that the doc is not guilty.Lead prosecutor David… READ MORE >

- 2646 days ago
Michael Jackson's Death Photo -- Frightening Intentions?

Michael Jackson's Death Photo
Frightening Intentions?

It seems the prosecution wanted to give the Michael Jackson death photo a murky, gritty treatment before it was presented in court this morning -- because it was clearly touched up to look as… READ MORE >

- 2673 days ago
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