Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Prosecution: Murray Killed MJ

11/3/2011 1:42 PM PDT

Dr. Conrad Murray Trial -- Prosecution Says Murray Killed Michael Jackson

The Michael Jackson manslaughter trial will never end for Michael Jackson's 3 kids ... because Conrad Murray is the reason their father is dead -- so said prosecutor David Walgren in a powerful closing statement.

Walgren -- in a measured but forceful tone -- told the jury, "Michael Jackson trusted Conrad Murray.  He trusted him with his life." 

Walgren hammered home Murray's alleged recklessness in fueling MJ with Propofol and other drugs night after night.  In all, Walgren noted Murray injected Jackson with 4 gallons of the anesthetic.

And the prosecutor made sure the jury remembered that Murray repeatedly lied to paramedics and doctors about the drug that did Michael in -- Propofol -- showing a "consciousness of guilt."

Walgren scoffed at the evidence, showing that Jackson was complaining he couldn't sleep yet Murray was distracted by various telephone calls:  "What was so pressing that he just couldn't care for Michael Jackson."

And there's this... Walgren noted that Murray kept almost no medical records but took the time to secretly record Michael while he was under the influence of Propofol and other drugs.

And Walgren showed disdain for the defense's key Propofol expert, Dr. Paul White, who testified that MJ injected himself with the fatal dose of Propofol, saying, "What you were presented by Dr. White was junk science...it was garbage."

According to Walgren, Murray acted with "extreme, criminal, gross negligence" in his care for MJ -- and the only possible verdict is GUILTY.

The defense is about to strike back in closing.