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Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney's Daughter Slams Christian Bale's Satan Line at Golden Globes

Dick Cheney
Daughter Liz Slams Christian Bale ... Satan Inspired His DV Arrest

Everyone at the Golden Globes might've gotten a laugh from Christian Bale comparing Dick Cheney to Satan -- but the ex-Veep's daughter just took a big shot of her own ... invoking his… READ MORE >

Congressman Steve Scalise Hunts Alligators With Donald Trump Jr.

Rep. Steve Scalise
Draining the Swamp (Sort of) with Trump Jr.

Later, gator. GOP House Majority Whip Steve Scalise went on a hunting trip with Donald Trump Jr. ... and they bagged a 9-foot alligator!!! We got Steve at Reagan National Airport in D.C. and… READ MORE >

- 279 days ago
Dick Cheney's Signed Waterboard Kit Purportedly for Sale on eBay

Dick Cheney
Signed Waterboard Kit for Sale ... eBay Listing Purports

The "waterboard kit" Sacha Baron Cohen got former Vice President Dick Cheney to sign for his new show has apparently hit the digital marketplace ... and bids are coming in fast. A new eBay… READ MORE >

- 332 days ago
Christian Bale Shows Off Extreme Weight Loss After Dick Cheney Role

Christian Bale
Human Yo-Yo's Super Slim Again

Christian Bale's ditched any vestige of Dick Cheney from his life, and by that we mean roughly 100 lbs ... in just a matter of months. CB and his fam -- like most of the world, it seems -- are on… READ MORE >

- 335 days ago
Sacha Baron Cohen Gets Dick Cheney to Sign 'Waterboard Kit'

Sacha Baron Cohen to Dick Cheney
'Is it Possible to Sign My Waterboard Kit?'

Sacha Baron Cohen's back to his old tricks ... pranking politicians. And it was former Veep Dick Cheney's turn. Sacha teased a clip Sunday on Twitter about his upcoming new project ... and… READ MORE >

- 346 days ago
Christian Bale Lookin' More Like Dick Cheney than Himself

Christian Bale
I've Gone Full Dick Cheney That's How the Neck Rolls

Christian Bale was barely recognizable wheeling his luggage at LAX after putting on more than several pounds for his role as Dick Cheney. Bale is a master at transformations. He went to… READ MORE >

- 546 days ago
Christian Bale Supersized ... for Dick Cheney

Christian Bale
It's Him ... We Promise

Christian Bale ... is actually pictured here. Take it in. Believe it. That really is Christian at the Telluride Film Festival where he's promoting one movie, but clearly packing on the pounds for… READ MORE >

- 652 days ago
Dick Cheney -- Just An Average Joe ... Drivin' a Lexus (VIDEO)

Dick Cheney
Just an Average Joe Drivin' a Lexus

Dick Cheney's life is radically different from his days as Vice President ... for starters he's behind the wheel of his own car, unable to get through a police barricade protecting someone who's… READ MORE >

- 1127 days ago
Dick Cheney -- There's a Chance I'd Work with Trump, If ... (VIDEO)

Dick Cheney
There's a Chance I'd Work with Trump, If ...

We know Dick Cheney loves him some Bush, but he's not dismissing the possibility of flipping to Team Trump ... not yet, anyway. When W's VP arrived at LAX on Tuesday we asked if he'd throw… READ MORE >

- 1380 days ago
Dick Cheney -- Rappers Can't Rock Cowboy Hats

Dick Cheney
Rappers Can't Rock Cowboy Hats

Dick Cheney is sure of many things, among them ... cowboy hats won't be the next rap trend anytime soon.The ex-Vice Prez was out in Downtown D.C. sporting a pretty spiffy ten-gallon ... and when… READ MORE >

- 1930 days ago
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