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Ed Chernoff

Ed Chernoff is the patriarch of the firm Stradley, Chernoff & Alford, born in 1962. He is currently representing Dr. Conrad Murray in his involuntary manslaughter trial of the death of Michael Jackson.

He received his accounting degree from the University of Florida in 1984. After being awarded a scholarship, he attended the University of Houston Law Center. Upon graduation, he was recruited and joined the Harris County District Attorney's office.

While at the D.A.'s office, Mr. Chernoff tried 70 jury trials. He lost only one felony trial. Every year he worked as an Assistant DA he led all trial prosecutors in cases tried and won. He left the D.A.'s office in 1991 and began private practice. In 1999, he formed the law firm of Stradley, Chernoff & Alford.

Mr. Chernoff has tried many high profile cases throughout the United States. He rarely loses. In 1995, Mr. Chernoff was recommended and received the Board Certification in Criminal Law in 1995. He was re-certified in 2000, 2005 and 2010.

Mr. Chernoff maintains the record for the quickest acquittal in the Southern District of the United States Courts, when a jury acquitted his client after only 15 minutes of deliberations. In one case in Montgomery County, Texas, the jury acquitted a prominent local woman accused of felony theft and the foreman penned a letter on the back of the jury instructions blasting the elected District Attorney for his decision to take the case to trial in the first place. Most recently, in California, Mr. Chernoff represented the Medical Doctor accused of negligently causing the death of pop icon, Michael Jackson.

Mr. Chernoff usually handles most of the complicated cases in the firm, including Federal fraud indictments and intricate State cases. Despite the existence of thousands of documents, he has the unique ability to break down the most complex financial accusations into their most basic building blocks.

Mr. Chernoff is happily married with two children. He believes the cornerstone of his practice is the relationship he develops with his clients. Many of his former clients consider him a savior and a friend

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