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Joey Kovar

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Joseph Eugene Kovar, aka "Joey Kovar", is a very courageous, optimistic and positive man. Joey Kovar is a very well-known young talented Chicago actor, model and wrestler, who is extremely popular with today's youth. Joey made his first debut on MTV's Real World (1992) Hollywood and moved on to VH1's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (2008), putting up the ratings, stealing the limelight and spotlight from everyone on the show that stood beside him.. What most don't know is that, as a child, young Joey was mentally and physically abused by his mother. He was introduced, at a very young age, to drugs and alcohol by his own mother and father. His father, an alcoholic, and his mother, a user of cocaine, were bad influences and unfit parents for young Joey Kovar. Joey, at the time raised by these unfit guardians, grew up thinking that alcohol and drugs were acceptable in a household. It was inevitable that Joey Kovar's past would lead him later to a path he never wanted to take. Now, Joey Kovar, himself, who grew up with all the odds against him, is a survivor of drugs and alcohol abuse, still fighting his urges today, because he has a dream of becoming "The Next Generation Action-Star".  See full bio on IMDb »

'Real World' Star Joey Kovar -- Coroner Says Opiates Killed Him

'Real World' Star Joe Kovar
Coroner Says Opiates Killed Him

Former "Real World" star Joey Kovar died from opiate intoxication, a rep for the Cook County Medical Examiner tells TMZ.TMZ broke the story ... law enforcement sources originally believed a lethal… READ MORE >

Joey Kovar Death -- 'Real World' Star Honored By Former Wrestling League

Joey Kovar
Honored By Former Wrestling League

Joey Kovar dabbled in the world of professional wrestling before his unexpected death ... and this weekend, TMZ has learned his former colleagues honored his memory with an emotional… READ MORE >

- 2469 days ago
Joey Kovar -- 'Real World' Star ODs on Viagra, Cocaine and Alcohol

Real World Star's Death
ODs on Viagra, Cocaine, and Booze

2:20 PM PT -- An autopsy conducted on Saturday was inconclusive and the cause of death is pending toxicological test results."Real World" star Joey Kovar died after taking what could turn out to… READ MORE >

- 2472 days ago
Joey Kovar Dead -- 'Real World' Star's Family Suspects Drug Overdose

Joey Kovar
'Real World' Star DEAD Family Suspects Drugs

Joey Kovar -- the troubled "Real World" star who appeared on "Celebrity Rehab" -- was found dead at a friend's home near Chicago this morning ... and family members believe drugs are to blame ...… READ MORE >

- 2473 days ago
Playgirl Threatening Lawsuit Over Reality Star's Penis

Threatening to Sue Over Reality Star's Penis

Some photos of a celebrity man nozzle has the folks at Playgirl all hot and bothered ... after the dong shots were allegedly stolen and leaked to the Internet ... TMZ has learned. The man… READ MORE >

- 2815 days ago
'Real World' Star -- $20k for Full-Frontal Playgirl Spread

'Real World' Star -- $20k for Full-Frontal Playgirl Spread

Joey Kovar -- the meathead from "Real World: Hollywood" and Season 3 of "Celebrity Rehab" -- is getting paid $20,000 to whip out his man junk for a spread in Playgirl ... TMZ has learned. Joey… READ MORE >

- 3045 days ago
'Real World' Star Really Wants Some TNA

'Real World' Star Really Wants Some TNA

Joey Kovar -- the muscle head from "Real World: Hollywood" and this season of "Celebrity Rehab" -- has found a new way to keep off drugs: body slams, suplexes and sleeper holds.We spoke to Jimmy… READ MORE >

- 3409 days ago
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