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Triple H Reveals Gnarly Injury Pic After Tearing Chest Muscle

Triple H
Gnarly Injury Pic After Tearing Chest Muscle

Triple H went to Saudi Arabia ... and all he got was this lousy pectoral injury!!! GOOD LORD!!! The WWE superstar suffered a pectoral tear during the pay-per-view show in Riyadh last week during… READ MORE >

Mick Foley Stoked for Kane, 'He'll Be a Great Mayor!'

Mick Foley
Stoked for Kane 'He'll Be a Great Mayor!'

WWE legend Mick Foley says he couldn't be more proud of his good friend Kane for becoming the next mayor of Knox County, Tennessee ... saying, "I think he'll do a great job!" Foley campaigned for… READ MORE >

- 166 days ago
WWE's Kane Wins Mayoral Race In Tennessee

WWE's Kane
Wins Mayoral Election ... In Knox County, TN

Kane aka Glenn Jacobs has been voted mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. The WWE legend took home the county mayoral election today ... and will soon run a 450,000-plus population county.… READ MORE >

- 167 days ago
WWE's Kane Wins Mayoral Primary Election In Tennessee

WWE's Kane
Wins Mayoral Primary Election 1 Step Closer To Mayor

Kane is 1 step closer to running Knox County, Tennessee ... 'cause the WWE legend won the primary Mayoral election Tuesday ... and is now expected to be elected Mayor this summer. Glenn Jacobs,… READ MORE >

- 260 days ago
Hulk Hogan: 'You Better Vote for Kane,' He's a Smart Dude

Hulk Hogan
'You Better Vote for Kane' ... He's a Smart Dude

Another huge star is going to bat for WWE's Kane on election day ... this time, it is Hulk Hogan who says the man behind the red mask is a REALLY smart dude and would be a great… READ MORE >

- 261 days ago
WWE's Kane Stumping Hard On Election Day, Vote for Me!!

WWE's Kane
Election Day Is Here ... Vote For Me!

Moment of truth for WWE legend Kane -- it's election day in Knox County, Tennessee where he's running for mayor ... and the 51-year-old is still campaigning his unmasked face off!  It's… READ MORE >

- 261 days ago
Mick Foley Says He's 100% Behind WWE's Kane For Mayor, Parties Be Damned

Mick Foley
100% Supporting Kane For Mayor Even Though He's a Republican

Mick Foley says he so believes in his old WWE partner Kane's Mayoral run, that he's willing to stump for the guy personally, even though they're from two different parties. Kane (real name Glenn… READ MORE >

- 301 days ago
WWE Legend Undertaker Surfaces In 'American Gun' Shirt

WWE Legend Undertaker
Loves America and Guns ... Here's Proof

You might not recognize him without his hat and gloves ... but you're looking at WWE legend The Undertaker ... proudly putting his conservative views on display in Texas.  52-year-old Mark… READ MORE >

- 440 days ago
Kane's Mayoral Opponent Was In 'Friday Night Lights,' 'Lizzie McGuire'

WWE's Kane
Mayoral Opponent Was In 'Friday Night Lights' ... And Lizzie McGuire

Kane ain't the only famous person running for mayor in Knox County -- the WWE star's opponent has a serious Hollywood background ... and even played a key part in "Friday Night Lights." READ MORE >

- 644 days ago
WWE's Kane Releases First Mayoral Campaign Video

WWE's Kane
First Mayoral Campaign Video

Kane says he's able ... to be the mayor of Knox County!  Gone is the mask and the fire and the long hair and demonic music ... now, the ex-WWE superstar is just Glenn Jacobs -- mayoral… READ MORE >

- 645 days ago
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