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Marc Laidler

Marc Laidler is the founder of 310 Motoring, an automotive customization garage based in Los Angeles, California founded in 1999. The name is based on area code 310, for its original location in L.A. The company grew and now has shops across the United States, including 45 in California. Since its beginnings the company has reached wide recognition as the premier customization shop in the United States with many Sports and Entertainment figures as clients of the company. Recently the company has ventured into the footwear industry, premiering their debut shoe, Hurricanes, which is sponsored by rapper The Game. Laidler helped to create the trend of customized cars as a fashion statement for the rich and famous. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, 310 Global Brands, Inc. is the marketing, merchandising and licensing arm of 310 Motoring. The company also sells shoes under the 310 Motoring Footwear brand.

Chicago Bears Star -- My Bentley Pimper Shafted Me!

Chicago Bears Star -- My Bentley Pimper Shafted Me!

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