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Martyn LeNoble

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Martyn LeNoble was born on April 14, 1969 in Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. He is known for his work on Up All Night (2011), Growing Up Fisher (2014) and Punk: Attitude (2005). He has been married to Christina Applegate since February 23, 2013. They have one child.  See full bio on IMDb »

Christina Applegate's Husband -- Photographer's Footage Shows the Angry Face-Off

Christina Applegate's Husband
Photog's Footage Shows Angry Face-Off

Christina Applegate's husband was mercilessly hounded by a paparazzo -- and may have gotten annoyed enough to reach out and smack the guy.As TMZ first reported ... Porno for Pyros bassist Martyn… READ MORE >

 Christina Applegate's Husband -- DETAINED Over Alleged Pap Fight

Christina Applegate's Husband
DETAINED BY POLICE Over Alleged Pap Fight

Christina Applegate's rock star husband was detained by police in Studio City yesterday after allegedly roughing up a photog ... but the Porno for Pyros bassist insists the pap crossed the line… READ MORE >

- 1984 days ago
Christina Applegate -- Fiance Threatened on Twitter ... 'I Am Going to Kill You'

Christina Applegate's Fiance
Threatened on Twitter "I Am Going to Kill You"

A creepy Twitter fan is threatening Christina Applegate and her fiance with terrifying messages like ...  I'll "blow your f**king head off!!!" -- and LAPD has launched an investigation, TMZ… READ MORE >

- 2339 days ago
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