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Exclusive: Underage Stars Party Illegally at Clubs

2/21/2006 5:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse McCartney is a teen idol -- a hot young singer. The 18-year-old is learning the perks of Hollywood -- that you can illegally enter a nightclub and drink, no questions asked.Underage drinking
This photo of McCartney was taken last Saturday night at Mood, one of the hottest clubs in Hollywood. Under California law, no one under 21 is permitted to enter the club, much less drink inside. But the Corona in Jesse's firm grip tells a very different story.

TMZ has video of other underage stars entering and leaving Mood -- 19-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen, 19-year-old Lindsay Lohan, 20-year-old Frankie Muniz, and the list goes on, though we don't know what they did when they were inside. How do they get away with it?

A Hollywood nightclub promoter, who asked to remain anonymous, was blunt: "Authorities know that there are underage celebrities inside drinking and if they don't care, why should we?" He added the obvious: "Celebrities help to make our clubs more exclusive."

California's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is charged with enforcing the State's underage drinking laws. TMZ has obtained every citation the ABC issued in the City of Los Angeles for 2005 -- 207 in total. Mood was never cited. Indeed, TMZ's record search revealed that Mood has never been cited since opening its doors. The ABC seems far more interested in busting mom and pop liquor stores, often using underage decoys in sting operations.

TMZ contacted John Carr, Public Relations Director for the ABC, and informed him of our investigation into Mood and serveral other Hollywood clubs. Carr said: "The ABC will not tolerate underage drinking... We will hold business owners accountable if they are serving minors regardless if those minors are celebrities." Carr told TMZ that the ABC is now conducting an investigation.

TMZ contacted David Judaken, who owns Mood. Judaken said: "We are dilligent about ID'ing people," adding, "people come with fake ID's." We informed Judaken, we have video of Lindsay Lohan and others being escorted in without showing ID. Judaken's response: "Certain celebrities ultimately enter lots of clubs who are not entitled to enter." Judaken also offered this: "A lot of them (underage celebs) I thought were emancipated."

TMZ contacted Jesse McCartney's reps, who had no comment.


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Glenda K.    

How can a club do this without loosing there lance and it would server them right if they did. Children don't need to be drinking or smoking it doesn't make them look cool . ITS the law.

3019 days ago

Becky L. Eck.    

What the hell is going on!? If the kids in my neiborhood got caught drinking or smoking, their parents would be arrested and they would be sent to a juevenille corrections center!

3019 days ago


this is bullsh*t ...they shouldnt be given special treatment i dont give a f*** how much money they make or how famous they are!!!! If i get caught with weed then my whole life could be ruined but if they have it ...its just a slap on the f***in wrist Bullsh*t!!! I hope Jesse M. gets caught and has togo to f***in jail or pay a f***in fine just like the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!

3019 days ago


Jesse its not a baby, come on and its just a beer its not a big deal..

3019 days ago


ok people that are legal to drink and smoke did start drinking or smoking at a legal age......i doubt it maybe some but about 80 percent did it illegaly

3003 days ago


You don't have to be a celebrity to drink if you're underage - just go to a college frat party.

3003 days ago


Jesse!!!!!!! wat the fuck happened 2 u im sooo mad at u ur going down get those sluts away from u u look bad in this pic wat happened then u cut ur hair and u look fatter did katie dump u cuz u look older w/o makeup was Katie jelous im shocked

2995 days ago


What's the big deal...besides he's so cute...who wouldn't give him what he wants.

2948 days ago


who the hell is Jesse McCartney?

2947 days ago


who the hell is Jesse McCartney? Who the hell cares?

2947 days ago


Bottom line is that they are not kids. Have you people ever heard of COLLEGE? you dont think underage drinking happens in college? These young adults are missing out on an important part of their life so i dont feel bad for them going out to clubs and drinking. They do not do this to look cool they do it to have a good time. I love drinking underage in hollywood it has the best clubs and just about everyone in Hollywood gets in to clubs with a fake and if you have a problem with Jesse drinking than your just jealous because he has gone somewhere in life. Keep up the good work celebs!

2947 days ago

Katy K    

oh my god people.....
when did it suddenly become news that underage people drink? you are ridiculous. i'm pretty sure it's spelled "losing" and i'm also pretty sure they'd lose their "license".. not their LANCE. soo... let's all get over the fact that celebrities get special treatment and that underage kids drink and ::GASP:: do drugs..... it happens, always has, and always will. the only thing that shocks me about this is that people acutally CARE.

ugh, come on guys.

2947 days ago


Anyplace else would lose their liquor license for this type of thing-I guess money lets you get away with it.

2947 days ago

gary edwin    

Jesse is the cutest gay guy out there today, so let him drink. A buzz won't be the worst he'll have to face; wait till he has 9" in his face and butt at the same time.

i'm your biggest fan, Jesse

2946 days ago

gary edwin    

he is so cute and gay, let him drink tghe beer and throw the bottle away

2946 days ago
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