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Exclusive: Underage Stars Party Illegally at Clubs

2/21/2006 5:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse McCartney is a teen idol -- a hot young singer. The 18-year-old is learning the perks of Hollywood -- that you can illegally enter a nightclub and drink, no questions asked.Underage drinking
This photo of McCartney was taken last Saturday night at Mood, one of the hottest clubs in Hollywood. Under California law, no one under 21 is permitted to enter the club, much less drink inside. But the Corona in Jesse's firm grip tells a very different story.

TMZ has video of other underage stars entering and leaving Mood -- 19-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen, 19-year-old Lindsay Lohan, 20-year-old Frankie Muniz, and the list goes on, though we don't know what they did when they were inside. How do they get away with it?

A Hollywood nightclub promoter, who asked to remain anonymous, was blunt: "Authorities know that there are underage celebrities inside drinking and if they don't care, why should we?" He added the obvious: "Celebrities help to make our clubs more exclusive."

California's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is charged with enforcing the State's underage drinking laws. TMZ has obtained every citation the ABC issued in the City of Los Angeles for 2005 -- 207 in total. Mood was never cited. Indeed, TMZ's record search revealed that Mood has never been cited since opening its doors. The ABC seems far more interested in busting mom and pop liquor stores, often using underage decoys in sting operations.

TMZ contacted John Carr, Public Relations Director for the ABC, and informed him of our investigation into Mood and serveral other Hollywood clubs. Carr said: "The ABC will not tolerate underage drinking... We will hold business owners accountable if they are serving minors regardless if those minors are celebrities." Carr told TMZ that the ABC is now conducting an investigation.

TMZ contacted David Judaken, who owns Mood. Judaken said: "We are dilligent about ID'ing people," adding, "people come with fake ID's." We informed Judaken, we have video of Lindsay Lohan and others being escorted in without showing ID. Judaken's response: "Certain celebrities ultimately enter lots of clubs who are not entitled to enter." Judaken also offered this: "A lot of them (underage celebs) I thought were emancipated."

TMZ contacted Jesse McCartney's reps, who had no comment.


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OH, Jesse. Why would u be drinking? ur not supposed to drink even though u r 18. it hurts your body! and just because ur cosidered an adult and adults drink doesnt mean ur supposed to. it can really mess u up. and u dont have to drink ur perfect just the way u r. ^_^ (_/) ur way too cute to drink anyway.

3008 days ago


Even if you are imancipated, if you are under 21 you are under 21. Just goes to show the all mighty $ makes the U.S. go round, not the law.

2945 days ago


All you people don't get the point, it's not the fact that they are drinking underage, it's that the authorities pick and choose which places they want to bust. And it always seems to be family owned watering holes. So all you whining little girls "SHUT THE F UP". Thank you.

2944 days ago


Ok, let me get this straight. The President's daughters were caught underage drinking and actually had to go to court. But this "15 mins of fame" idiots go into any nightclub they want. Says alot about our justice system. It also shows how it's easy for them to spiral out of control when every door is open to them. Politics - that's all it is, that's why no one gets busted. All those clubs have deals with the cops, and it's all under the table - that's why they aren't worried. Welcome to the land of celebrity - underage, wasted, but hey, you are getting publicity for the clubs! Isn't that what matters? (eyeroll) Wonder how much the cops get paid for looking the other way?

2943 days ago


My Gash. He's not "out of control" just b/c he got a pic taken of him drinking one beer. "O Lord. No he's gonna go out and shoot heroin and snort coke and rape people!!! If he had only waited 3 more years, then he'd be perfectly fine!"

This is so freakin' hypocritical. The 21 drinking age is the dumbest thing ever. The US has the highest freakin drinking age in the world. You mean to tell me I can go to Iraq and die for this country, but they won't let me drink a f***ing beer?!?!

That's the biggest load of BS I've ever seen. Anywhere else in the world, and a picture of an 18 year old drinking a beer wouldn't cause anyone to blink an eye. Are we that damn prudish and self-righteous? Do we have that little self-esteem?!

C'mon people: get a grip on reality. The only reasonthe drinking age is 21 anyone is because the damn federal government blackmailed the states into making it that (read the 21st amendment, it gives ALL authority over the control of alcohol to the States). Most of these people bitching about 18 years olds drinking could LEGALLY drink when they were 18. So, people are just supposed to change b/c the law abirtrarily comes up with a new age?

2942 days ago


white boys love cerveza mexican beers

2939 days ago


lol at people getting so emotional here. I'm 20 and I've been in clubs and though it's wrong i've been illegally drinking in them since I was 14.

3003 days ago

Jeannie McCarthy    

This is a usual case of celeb's getting what ever they want and endangering others.

2932 days ago

diana yaghmour (aka) your future wife    

Will y'all just shut the f*** up already? He is not the only one doing under-age drinking.First of all, he is not getting drunk and not hurting anybody.and second he was just taking a trip to the wild side for a change. is that so bad? just because hes famous doesnt mean he's any different than anyone else. i know u guys do so shut the hell up.i luv u jesse. can i screw u sometime?

2922 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

because LAPD and the ABC are a bunch of maggots that is why.

2920 days ago

Anna Christie    

Oh come ON, y'all! Get the fuck over it! He was EIGHT-TEEN and don't you even TRY to tell me there aren't 18 year olds don't drink!!! Come on, I know so many underage ppl who get drunk ALL the time!! God, it's his life! Now, in my opinion it was just a stupid thing to do, But you don't have to make all THIS fuss about it!! I will still support you, Jesse! Hell yeah, cause you are so damn hot! And "donimque," that is just mean! You don't know that he did anything but drink! There is no evidence or reason to think that he slept with anyone! Which is what you were implying in your comment. And it's just shitty of you to say that he looks fatter and worse without makeup! That just wasn't very nice if you ask me. I mean, everybody looks bad at times! ESPECIALLY if they've been drinking! Again, most of y'all are WAY over reacting!!! Way. Cause he wasn't doing anything worse than what we regular teens do! You know what it's like and don't be a hypocrit and say you don't!

Loyal Jesse fan till the end,
Anna Christie

2820 days ago


Jesse egész joh pasi, de ne piáljon annyit!!!!!!

2583 days ago


No one cares in China. I have a 16 year old cousin in China. They regularly sell 6 packs to him.

2259 days ago


Here in Australia you're an adult at 18. You can drink, smoke, vote, join the army...
so I think it's funny!

2548 days ago


you guys, we all love jesse, but its his choice, and if he doesnt care about it then why should we. it might be breaking the law, but its his decision and he decides what he was gonna do. we all just ask him to be careful and try not to drink but it is his choice and we shouldnt critisize him for it. its not like did anything to harm others, just himself.

2054 days ago
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