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What's Paris Smoking?

6/4/2006 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton was unnerved Saturday night when TMZ cameraman Josh Levine got a shot of the heiress smoking something as her ride pulled up to a Hollywood nightclub.

When Hilton saw the TMZ camera, she nervously and abruptly swung her head forward, pulled down her visor and began applying lipstick.

Elliot Mintz, her clearly concerned publicist who was at the club, sought out TMZ's Levine and said: "I just want to get something clear with you. Paris Hilton rolled her own tobacco cigarettes. It was tobacco that you saw."

What is Paris smoking?

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Stephanie DANG    

hahaha wtf. since when did she smoke ANYTHING ??

2954 days ago


She's smoking crack because she's getting too fat!

3026 days ago


Hey, Shawnyia! Have you ever heard of punctuation and proper English grammar? You may or may not have a valid point somewhere within your comment. It is impossible to tell, however, as you seemed to have forgotten to identify separate sentences.

3022 days ago


i agree with Katarah who cares if paris is smoking weed. I mean who doesn't these days people are just makin a big deal out of it cuz shes famous drop and move on to more interesting things.

3020 days ago


I know thats right who gives a f*** if that slut smokes weed she just wants attention cuz i know she aint that stupid to do it in public i hate her stupid uglya$$

3019 days ago


I think people who have the kind of money that Paris has, have to keep seeking for a 'new thrill' continuosly! Life must get boring when you have everything handed to you on a 'silver platter'. Paris is an attention seeker! We are the ones responsible for giving her that attention. We all know that she would be a no talent/nobody if it wasn't for her Daddys money. Don't we have something better to do in our own lifes than care about what that imature, untalented BRAT is up to?

3019 days ago


I think she dose somke pot that is why she is sooooo skiny. i mean if she can do and get a whay with it. then why can't nomal people like us do it with out getting into truble? it ant right i think she should have to suffer like the rest of us. it just ant right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3017 days ago


I think shes so stupid i honestly dont care if she is or not but i i know shes just doing this to get attention why would she put a nervous face on when she saw the camera when all thats around her 24/7 IS the camera so its obviously for attention

3016 days ago


She can smoke whatever she was because she is a fucken loser and she can just go and fuck her life up!! And not everyone smokes weed, only the gay and retarted ones who can't think for themselves and listen and watch what other people do. If she was smart she would stop and find something better to do with her time then kill herself!!! What a loser.

3016 days ago


paris hilton was videotaped sucking a dick which became one of the most famous celebrity sex tapes if shes smokin weed..who gives a damn? lol

3007 days ago


wow I hope she smokes some bad weed and goes hee heee hee and then she dies

3002 days ago


She isn't smoking weed. She is smoking CRACK. She was arrested for possession of Cocaine after a cop witnessed and smelled strange smoke coming out of the window of her car. She was a passenger. This bitch is smoking crack. Maybe she smokes weed too, but I don't think she was in this picture, people who smoke weed aren't really afraid to hide the fact. Crack is different.

1486 days ago

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