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Is Denise Richards Really Engaged?

6/9/2006 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards arrived at LAX yesterday sporting a ring on her left ring finger, leaving everyone wondering if she and her boyfriend, Richie Sambora, are engaged.

Richards, who is in the middle of a bitter divorce from Charlie Sheen, flew in from France after spending time with Sambora while he's on tour with Bon Jovi. Sambora is also in the middle of divorce from Heather Locklear - Richards' former best friend.

Don't get too excited, however, sources tell TMZ she is not engaged. But this could possibly be a foreshadowing of what's to come once all the divorces are finalized.... only time will tell.

Richards flew back to the States to perform with the Pussycat Dolls in Vegas tonight.

Denise's rep declined comment.

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I Think Denise must come to Turkey
and make holiday
you are welcome Denise

2993 days ago

KC/Maui, HI Tuna?!

2989 days ago


With all that jetsetting and performing...who has time for the kids?

3055 days ago


Better question! When are you getting out of Iraq

3055 days ago


Denise Richard's is such an opportunist & a sleazy whore. Granted Charlie is no angel, but clawing into his pension as part of the divorce settlement?!! I hope she loses custody and spousal support. It's undeserved. Anyone who leaves their young children for days at a time to sneak off with a lover is disgraceful. Also being that the lover is the husband of her former best friend is truly despicable. To put it bluntly, Denise is a scumbag !

3055 days ago


Denise is a scum bag

3055 days ago


Oh please..Leave the girl alone. She is in Love after a bad marriage to an idiot who prefers porn. Heather screwed up too..and she filed for divorce. The kids are fine and with the Grandparents. Now she has to go to work and make stop your holier than thou attitudes...

3055 days ago


Id like to say a few words to the rude person who made a comment about "Denise Richards being an opportunist & a sleazy whore". Look here you jealous snake in the grass. You have no right putting someone else down that you dont even know. Im sure if you had the opportunity to go on a trip with the hottest guy in the Bon Jovi band, and leave your kids for a few days, you would probably jump in a minute, but, since it wasnt you that had that chance, you feel the need to down grade someone else. Denise Richards is a beautiful girl who deserves to be with a really nice guy like Richie Sambora. Oh, and about the other stupid comment "the lover is the husband of her former best friend is truly despicable". Well,guess what, friends can come and go at anytime for any reason. Maybe, Denise went with her feelings, and followed her heart, and thats where her heart is, with Richie, so get over it, and move on, and leave Denise,& Richie alone! To put it bluntly......YOUR THE SCUMBAG!!!!!!!!!

3055 days ago

Kay Kay    

All Stars are tramps and a** Holes. They all sleep around with each others mates. That 's all you ever hear. Who's sleeping with who. I think they need to grow up..........

3055 days ago


Richrds filed for divorce from Charlie Sheen in March 2005. They attempted a reconciliation after the birth of their second daughter in June, even spending the 2005 holidays together. They filed again for divorce in early 2006. If everything she said about him in the court papers is true, why would she have a second child with him? Why would she attempt to reconcile? And if she was REALLY such a good friend to Heather, what gave her the right to take away the possibility of a reconciliation between Heather and Sambora? Granted, they may have never wanted to reconcile, but she took that chance away for good. How does she know whether AVA, their daughter, would not have been able to convince them to try once more? Her babies are too young to offer an opinion, but Ava certainly isn't. Richards may not have done anything wrong LEGALLY, but she sure broke the laws of COMMON DECENCY and MORALITY. Who is immoral here? She's setting a GREAT example for her kids, who are .... (wink, wink)... "her first priority!"

3055 days ago


She's just another famous homewrecking slut. Hope she's proud of herself, some "best friend" she turned out to be. I'd rather play with snakes than call her my friend.

3055 days ago


Like so many celebrities these days...."what"s the big deal?" Denines Richards looks haggard and worn....better looking women at any Bon Jovi concert, same with Ms. Locklear. Also, what's the big deal with Lohan??? I don't see it....not even cute. I LOVE Paris...the "Old" Paris...before she became sleezy, slutty and a boy chasing classless woman. So many little class, sophistication, healthy good looks or lifestyle. Seems the media makes these people male and female, for, honest to god, bettter looking people in the local nightclub. Nick Lachey, Timberlake, Lohan, Richards, and on and big deal! Where's the beef?

3055 days ago


I think Denise is wrong, how can she do this to a friend, i sure know i would'nt want her as a friend. she a tramp. her poor kids, she should worry about them instead of whoring around after richie. Charlie should get custody of the little girls. Kelly

3055 days ago


To all those in favor of what Denise has done to Heather's family (Remember they were married for 11 years) shame on you. I would not want you for a friend. Just because her husband cheated and made her feel bad is no reason to go after another womans man. Also Ritchie is just as bad.Heather found him on the computer with porn too. I am sorry but Denise and Angelina Joile should be roomates as they are both two ugly nasty homewrecking sluts who if they lived together could just stab each other in the back over men. I hope she ends up broke and in a trailer park. Charlie had a bad sex rap when she married him. She chased after him because of his family name she is a gold digger .And she can't' act to save her life and can't satisfiy her man or he wouldn't be looking else where

3055 days ago


Denise always looks dirty...She should value her friendships better than to run off with friends rejects. Also, don't forget WHY Richie and Heather are splitting... the affair. Does Denise really think she has something different. If he cheats with one he will cheat with the next...
Surely...she is smarter than to beleive what he is saying. She must be really hard up for someone. I think she is getting the same kinda guy as Charlie but just different problems. I am sure we will read about Denise and Richie's fall out when the new wears off. Move on glad to be free of both losers...

3055 days ago
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