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Brit's PR Offensive -- K-Fed with Kid

6/12/2006 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Martha K    

First of all, Britney, grow up and stop making excuses whether it is the papparrazzi or something else. You are a public figure, so what do you expect? You would be upset if you didn't get recognized right? Regarding you punk husband, throw his you know what out. He is a moocher and an irresponsible sorry of a man. He married you for your money. You shouldn't have changed your see he manipulated you on that too.Good luck with the second kid. Personally I I waited 6 years for the next one just so that I could give all my attention to one and feel secure about myself, my marriage and my child.

2990 days ago


I too sat in my parents car with no car seat and no seat belts when I was little, why?...It wasnt the law back then!!! So what if she is country
what kind of excuse is that? A friend of mine had a baby before the carseat law came in and she had her infant in an infant carrier on the floorboard of her van, was in a accident and the baby died. If the law and carseats were available then, her son would be alive today. She stress because of the media..?? Yeah they can be a pain...but that is the business she chose...and its all about publicity to make those millions that most of us dont have! If you want privacy, then retire!

2990 days ago


My wife is from the South (Memphis, TN, to be precise), and neither of us would ever let out daughter ride in a car without a car seat. She's two years old, and the one time someone else took her in a car on their lap was the last time that person will babysit her. In a 30 mph crash, a 20-lb child delivers about half a ton of force to your arms; it is flat-out impossible to stop your baby from becoming a projectile under those conditions.
I don't care if she's a celeb; that child should be restrained, and she should have been cited for not doing so.

2990 days ago


I too am from the south and I too rode in the front seat on the lap of my dad and grandfather. I am also a mother and unless driving on a back road with little to no traffic would not put my child in my lap. I have made mistakes allowing my infant to ride in the front seat in a car carrier only once and after learning the dangers involved quickly prevented it from happening again no matter how much I wanted my child near me; I prefer to keep her for as long as possible. There is no perfect parent, your grow and learn with your child, the key is to learn. I feel for Britney being under the constant pressure of press, however, that is a choice she made. You can't use the press when it is convenient and then turn it off when it is not. Make a choice and stick with it, take a sabatical. Enjoy being a mom and wife afterall, you are a celebrity already. Children and pregnancy are stressful, take a break!!! Rest. You don't owe us an explanation for the state of your marriage. Concentrate on your family, not what the media and public think. Good luck.

2990 days ago


Just b/c they weren't seen since Mar 25, means they like living like us, in the down low, away from photographers and onlookers.

2990 days ago

Mrs. Rohe    

Oh my goodness I am the 124th person to write. I am a mother of 4 kids all have made it though life. I have made; I am sure more than a few thousand mistakes.
This reminds me of a BIBLE saying, '' Whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw the first stone at her''. Leave the new mother alone she will learn on her own. I am a new grandma, my daughter in-law is just learning. It very confusing for these young mother we are all in their business. Perhaps the right thing to have done was someone say Britt this could happen if this is done this way, instead of posting it in the headlines. We all wonder why Whitney Huston is killing herself. All the negativity makes one crazy... These people open their doors to be entertainer for us and all we do is bash them over and over again. Brittney you do your best. I have your peace of mind in my PRAYERS... In which you all should pray to GOD to keep your tongues in your mouth and lips closed.

2990 days ago

Lauren S    

I just think it's hot that Sean P is in sporting a baby LSU like jersey! Yay Brit for staying true to your LA roots and teaching Sean P right from the start. We love you girl!

2990 days ago


Yeah you are right Britney Spears and Kevin Federline can do whatever they want including not being together in public. The only thing we know for certain is that Kevin Federline is definitely playing hide the Limo still, behind closed doors, with her because she got preggo again so fast! :) Ha Ha! This is 2006 and even in the 21st Century babies don't drive yet unless I missed something in the News recently. When Ms. Spears was a kid there was a lot less traffic and traffic fatalities on the road. This is NOT the country Ms. Spears and futhermore this is Los Angeles with high levels of congested traffic and people who speed wake up woman geez. People believe me you feeling sorry for is a ploy in her game to win brownie points. She knows her favortism has gone down a couple hundred knots since her marriage to K-F***UP. It's the work of Image Consultants and Lynne Spears trying to 1.) Sell More Records and 2.) Make the World believe Britney Spears isn't crazy when she really has lost her mind. Also these pictures with Kevin Federline are a joke. Kevin Federline could care less about fatty Britney or his kids. His only concern: Money and being Famous while it lasts. Where was he when Britney Spears almost dropped and killed his son and fell on her fat face?? He was off in Japan touring and made $300,000 of which not a dime went to his 3 living kids. He spent on a Watch and the goon can't even tell time.

2990 days ago


OMG did some one say MOVE back to Lousiana Britney?? That is like Music to our ears!!! She's turned Hollywood into more of a zoo since moving to CA than it was before. I think everyone would appauld and thank the stars above if she would just leave. I think it's funny that Britney Spears lives in her own world and she thinks everyone has to like her and she said, "Kevin has to take of his kids..." OK where's he been since the kid was born and has he been a Father to the kids he had with Shar Jackson? And now she wants to go on NBC or CBS whatever and get sympathy votes for her decision to move to CA and marry a real "charmer" what the? It's another Whitney Houston in the making. I had the pleasure of listening to Kevin Federlines song "America's Most Hate" and man is he just throwing it all in everyone's face and admitting to doing drugs and Money being his first love. I gotta say that he is a Genius to have pulled off what he did and now he has become a musical interest in the industry. Hats Off to you Federline. :) Britney just go home...

2990 days ago

I think we should all leave her alone. She is young and she is under alot of stress. I beleive she really wanted this perfect family and great husband that she is trying so damn hard to make everybody think she is ok. I understand her on this but I also understand about what one of the other girls said that if it was us we would get fined. But we should not judge her because I am sure we had all made mistake with our first child and I still think she is great. Just get rid of k fed and get someone better, for example, her nanny. :-). I think if she gets rid of him she would be so much more relaxed and she wouuld still be famous. love you girl.

2990 days ago


Who the heck cares!!!Why does anyone care??? We are talking about Brittney Spears not the pope or somebody important. Get a life!!!

2990 days ago


britney may not b a bad person,but iiiii think she is getting exactly what she deserves karma is a bi*** , did she think about how shar felt when she gave bith to her soon and kevin was way booping with her. if she is real to her self she will realize kevin does not love her he loves what she has to offer. most of us wheter we admit it or not would have done the same thing he did. kevin really loves shar but is not man enough to stand on his own 2 feet afterall he was a broke baby daddy and saw an opportunity to come up at the expense of britney dont hate the player hate the game, he really loves shar, but like it says in the good book the LOVE of money is the root of all evil MRS. HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME is getting what she deserves suck it up .

2989 days ago


am i the only one who thinks she hasn't gotten *enough* scrutiny? she's supposed to be, what, 5 or 6 months pregnant now, right? i saw a picture of her in MARCH (two months ago) drinking alcohol at a party and the caption said "Rumors of Britney's pregnancy must be untrue, because she was sipping Cosmos at blah blah blah"
Forget leaving your kid with a nanny when he's two months old, forget nearly dropping him or driving with him on your lap. Drinking while pregnant causes fetal alcohol syndrome, her poor second child could be born with serious health and mental defects. What the hell is wrong with her?
Why do stupid people keep breeding and why do other stupid people keep encouraging them??
I'm not even going to go into how stupid it was of her to marry and have kids with a guy who is obviously a cheater. But hey, white trash of a feather flock together.
"we're country" hahahaha

2989 days ago

cindy owens    

I think everyone should just leave her alone. Yeah she made a mistake holding him when she was driving, tell me who hasn't made one mistake or another. She is just trying to raise her son and be the best mother she can be. You try doing that with all them people breathing down your neck or a camera in your face!!!

2989 days ago


If you don't like being judged, stop doing stupid things. I know... we all make mistakes; Brit is just being blasted because she's in the public eye, right? Boo hoo. She made a career choice, knowing full well its implications. Believe me, she's been handsomly rewarded for all of it. There's no excuse for endangering the safety of your baby.

Also, if you don't want to be seen as a nut case, don't go on national TV and say that you're an emotional wreck. You're not helping your cause. It's obvious she enjoys the intention. Most of her career has been one publicity stunt after another.

2989 days ago
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