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Dixie Chicks Still Not Making Nice

6/12/2006 5:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Dixie ChicksThe Dixie Chicks are re-writing the rule books on how to market music. A standard rule of thumb is that you absolutely need major radio airplay to sell records. Well, the Dixie Chicks have proven that wrong.

The Chicks have held the top spot on the charts for two weeks now despite media stories that country music stations across the U.S. are not playing tunes from their new record "Taking the Long Way."

While record sales are soaring, the Chicks have taken a hit at the ticket counter. Sales have been slow in some markets and the ladies have issued a statement on their website denying speculation that there tour will be canceled: "Any reports being made about the cancellation of our upcoming 'Accidents And Accusations' tour are completely false.

We have known since March 2003 [when Natalie Maines spoke out against the Iraq war] that our path in this business would have obstacles at every pass.  We have enjoyed meeting each one head-on and we will continue to do so.  Dixie Chicks fans are as active and dedicated as they come.  This time around we are willingly feeling our way through uncharted territory.  Things don't come as easy as they might have come in the past, and it makes each accomplishment more exciting and appreciated. We will go where the fans are with great anticipation and no regrets."

It's impressive to see the Chicks stick to their guns in the face of a concerted effort from various politicians, activists and media outlets to shout them down or build up talk of their so-called demise. Their June 15th show in London - the site of their infamous comments that kicked off the backlash - is sold out. It'll be interesting to see how many sell outs they can muster back home here in the States.


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I am very supportive of the Dixie Chicks! I will and have supported them since this started. I am going to their concert in Atlanta & looking foward to seeing them again! YOU GO GIRLS! YOU ROCK & DON'T BACK DOWN TO NOBODY!!! CHICKS RULE!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER!

Your #1 Fan,

3032 days ago


They insult the very fans who made them rich and famous. No wonder they're already canceling half of their scheduled concerts, they couldn't pay me to sit through one of their shows. What self respecting country music fan would waste their money on a concert with these twits?

3032 days ago


Are these the same fans that expect Iraq to be infused with democracy and freedom of speech whilst hypocritically shooting down the Chicks? Bravo great example of double standards...

3032 days ago


I hope the Dixie Chicks fail miserably. They still don't get it, it's not about always agreeing with or liking someone, it's a matter of respect. They have no respect and thus will not be listened to by me, my family, or my friends.

3032 days ago


No matter how I feel about their political views I want to hear music. I don't want to hear politcal music. I assure you as the wife and sister of military men I hear enough of it at home! They are paid to entertain. Lets not forget that is their job! It is not their job to waste my time hearing their veiws on anything but a c chord while singing with it!

3032 days ago


Hypocracy would be in statements said by the Chicks such as: "I'm done with the country music genre;" "We don't want fans who have Toby Keith or Reba in their 5-CD changer;" "We would rather have fewer fans who really get it;" "When I look at our audience I don't see that many rednecks at our shows." Now, after all these comments, it's not "their" fault people aren't buying tickets, but the "2003 incident" continuing to haunt them. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw slighted the President with Katrina comments and are fine; have one of the top grossing tours. What Faith and Tim didn't do is slight their fans and then cry "vicitm" because no one bought tickets to their show.

3032 days ago


I am a country fan. I have never been a dixie chicks fan. Their music has never been country. I am happy that the dixie chicks are canceling USA dates and are not being played on country radio or tv. They have gone out of their way to insult country fans and artists. The dixie chicks are disgusting human beings. They will not admit that the USA dates are canceled because they don't want to hurt future ticket sales. (The fans who purchased tix won't be getting their money back until the fall. How's that for fan appreciation?)There is no way the chicks are going to be able to sell out dates in arenas in the fall if they can't do it now. These chicks are done in the usa and I couldn't be more happy. You don't insult rednecks and get away with it.

3032 days ago

Shirley Villasana    

Regardless whether you like them or not they do have the freedom to voice their opinions just as we do. No, I am not crazy about them and I do not consider their music to be true country music. When I think of true country music I think of Hank Williams Sr., Hank Snow, Hank Thompson, Patsy Cline, Charley Pride, and so many many more.

3029 days ago


The Dixie Chicks have every right to say what they believe!! My family is over there right now and they are fighting for your right to free speach!! Yes even the Dixie Chicks. There are alot more important things to be worried about besides them selling records. As a matter of fact I hope they do great. Thats what my family is fighting for, not all this petty stuff. Toby Keith is making money off our soilders dying with his music. I don't see anyone having a fit about that!!

3011 days ago

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