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Let's Get This Party Started: Top Stories for Tuesday 06/13/06

6/13/2006 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears and MadonnaNot long ago, they were locking lips on MTV. Now, Madonna has ended her friendship with Britney Spears because Brit has publicly turned her back on Madge's beloved Kabbalah -- and she wants the wedding present she gave Britney and K-Fed back.

Plus, Jacko, Kidman and other top stories.

Madonna Dumps Britney

Not long ago, they were locking lips on MTV. Now, Madonna has ended her friendship with Britney Spears because Brit has publicly turned her back on Madge's beloved Kabbalah -- and she wants the wedding present she gave Britney and K-Fed back.

According to a report on MSNBC this morning, Madonna is miffed that her fellow pop diva has so openly ditched the trendy mystical religion that has been "adopted" by many Hollywood A-listers; on her personal web site, Britney recently wrote, "I no longer study Kabbalah, my baby is my religion." What's more, Spears has been reportedly consulting a "Christian life coach" to help her through her reported troubled marriage (which she denies) to Kevin Federline -- not exactly the Kabbalah way.

But after spending months teaching Britney the system and apparently spending a fair sum to help bring her into the fold, Madonna is displeased with her protege: "She feels she has wasted time, money and precious gifts on Brit," says a source quoted by One of those "precious gifts" is a twelfth-century book on Kabbalah that Madonna gave the Spears-Federlines for their wedding, and now she'd like it returned, according to Walls.

Heather Mills McCartneyLady McCartney Under Siege – Again

Heather Mills McCartney faces another round of salacious allegations about her past, as a British tabloid digs up four-year-old rumors -- denied and discredited at the time -- that the future Lady McCartney was once a very expensive call girl who plied her trade with rich Arabs.

As Rush & Molloy report this morning, the News of the World tabloid said Sunday that Mills McCartney was in her 20s when infamous Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi supposedly paid her more than $10,000 for sex, and that a Saudi prince paid almost that much for a three-way encounter. Two former escorts were cited by an English tabloid as former "colleagues" of Mills McCartney, and a Khashoggi private secretary confirms the stories.

Her lawyer, Stephen Taylor, issued a statement Tuesday morning saying that Mills McCartney, who denied such claims when they surfaced four years ago, plans to bring legal proceedings against the News of the World as soon as her divorce from Sir Paul is complete and that she "intends to sue at that stage all parties, including individuals, who are intent on damaging her reputation."

The statement adds that Mills McCartney has been recovering from surgery and that the coverage of her divorce and the recent press has caused her "further distress and illness."

Another British paper -- the rather more journalistically refined Independent -- writes that all the negative press against Sir Paul's estranged wife, including the recent unveiling of old pornographic pictures of McCartney Mills in a German photo book, is "a deliberately orchestrated attempt to discredit the former model, who has always had a difficult relationship with the press." Sir Paul, for his part, has denied any involvement in such a smear campaign.

Michael JacksonJacko Ditches Depo

Despite a subpoena requiring his presence in Los Angeles Superior Court next Monday for a case with former associate and alleged pornography peddler F. Marc Schaffel, Michael Jackson won't be appearing in court at all.

Roger Friedman of reports this morning that Jackson's lawyer Thomas Mundel "ripped up a subpoena" presented by Schaffel's attorney Howard King, and then announced at a London deposition that his client would not appear in court at all. Schaffel is suing Jackson for $4 million, and Jackson is countersuing Schaffel, alleging that he stole art from him and charged him fees he wasn't owed.

Friedman also says that Jackson's recollection of events is deeply vague, and that he is defending himself in the case by portraying Schaffel as a producer of gay pornography. Furthermore, Jackson is describing himself as a resident of Bahrain, and his lawyer says that he is now "the wealthiest homeless person in the world."

Nicole Kidman, Keith UrbanKidman Shuns Scientology -- And Eats Cheese

Though she never fully embraced Scientology while married to Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman has now re-adopted Catholicism in her preparations to marry country singer Keith Urban.

The actress, according to MSNBC's Jeannette Walls, has become more involved with the religion as she prepares for her wedding. "For Nicole, you know this is a spiritual homecoming, coming back to the church and her faith in her old parish," says Jesuit Father Paul Coleman in the Catholic News Service. It described Coleman as "a longtime friend of the Kidman family who advised them on the annulment of Kidman's marriage with Tom Cruise."

Meanwhile, Kidman doesn't just stay skinny -- she works at it. According to a waiter at New York's Il Buco restaurant, cited this morning in Lloyd Grove's Lowdown column, Kidman dined over the weekend with Urban and, though the restaurant is known for its rich pastas and succulent meat dishes, ordered only a cheese course.

Alec BaldwinBaldwin Calls Designer "Fruit-Salad Head"

When Patricia Field, the costume designer for the upcoming film "The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing" starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alec Baldwin, quit the production late last week, she blamed Alec Baldwin's behavior for her departure.

But Lloyd Grove reports this morning that Baldwin, never one to hold back his ire, isn't taking the allegation lightly. He calls Field "a fruit-salad head" and a "whack job, 24-7," among other things. "When Pat left, virtually everybody on the film was relieved. She is a cranky, miserably unhappy woman." Gellar defends Baldwin, telling Grove, "Alec has been a doll, and anything else you've heard is entirely one-sided and untrue. Alec has been a dream co-star."

Field, for her part, declined to comment on the fracas.


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Rinjo Njori    

Looks like Scientology and Kaballah's stock juts fell today. Although Britney's stock takes an equla dive by consulting a Christian life coach. What's next-- a duet with Tammy Faye Baker?

Lady McCartney a prostitute? you dont say... $10k... a bit high.

Who will Alec Baldwin piss off next month? Didn't he run someone off a broadway show last month?

3051 days ago

Jeff Davidson    

I love cheese too Nicole...of course, I like mine with a little meat on it.

3051 days ago

wendell dixon    

I think that it's funny that Madonna had decided that she wants Brittany to give her back her cherrished book of the Kabala...Madonna is a interesting individual to me..At first she was off the chain with her "Sex" book and all of her many changes as an artist..dancing in front of a buring cross in "Like a Parayer" and now she has embraced a religion that the "A" list of Hollywood has embraced..At Brittany go thru changes on what you are all about as a's called "finding yourself". Madonna needs to go somewhere and laugh at herself...If I don't buy into your are not feeling me as a person...that goes the same for Madonna..I guess if I don't do what she say do than I'm no longer in her inner circle..that soundslike if you don't do as I're not cool...If I I were Brittany..I would royally FedEx the book back to Madonna and tell her that life goes on....Celebrities can be interesting creatures..You gotta love em...I mean before the millions..Madonna was a common person like most..I guess millions can "make you feel" like you're above it are not true to the game.. but you can be interesting person that I would not die if I didn't meet..Beyond all the smoke,the dancers,the wigs and jean paul gauliter're no different than someone on the street..An Indian giver is still the or poor....weren't you into Buddism..I guess that old 2....LOL

3051 days ago

Dawn Marie    

If Madge really cared about Brittney's spiritual condition then she whould be there to help her through everything that she is going through. You don't just write someone off brcause you have one area of life that you disagree on. Madonna was not a true friend. I wonder what her motives were? Was Madge under pressure from the Kabala organization to bring in another rich person? From what I understand, Spears was CONSTANTLY being hit up for money. Brittney should sell the book on e-bay! Then maybe she can get something our of that religion. The fact that she consulted a Christian life coach shows that she is searching for truth -and did not find it in Kabala.

3051 days ago


How stupid is Madonna! ...She can't tell Britney what to do ;-)
O.. Well :-) Not my problem Whahaha...
Gr. Wesley

3051 days ago


Madonna hopped on the Britney train for added publicity around the 'Me Against The Music' era of Britney's fame, which at the time was eclipsing Madonna's. Madonna is the career artist and I especially like her remixes but Madonna has always seemed pious snd contadictory as of late. A woman with 9 figure$ in the bank and her greatest extravagance for herself is brown rice and toast? The same woman who told Ted Koppel on 'Nightline' that parents should watch 'Justify My Love' with their children and 'talk about it' doesn't let her own kids watch TV. The Kabballah maven, who has been so 'transformed' and 'matured' by the religion still finds ways to criticize her peers and worry about if Green Day's private jet is arriving before hers. Grow up, babe. Britney might be a hot mess but she's just pissed at her Mom, not the world. Good luck, Madge and eat a cupcake.

3051 days ago


madonna is no longer relevant.

3051 days ago


Madonna was never anything other than product, packaged and sold just like Pepsi. Artist? Is there anything in her catalog from the past that is remotely listenable? No.

3051 days ago


Um, Madonna is so last decade that she used Britney and Christina to try and bring her back with the "Like a Virgin" stint. She's an old, plastic surgery ridden hag. You ever notice that her face is narrower and her eyebrows are up to her hairline? Britney is now washed up too and Madge no longer needs her. On to the next lil' virgin.

3051 days ago


haha wow. all i can say is wow because madonna cant choose good friends. sux for her.

3051 days ago

Steve Murray    

Spears isn't fit to lick Madonna's boot. Let's see who gets remembered in 20 years ... when Britney enjoys the same relevance as Bobby Sherman does today.

3051 days ago


run for your life keith!! she's a WICCA WITCH and you do not need to be involved with the cult. call off the wedding NOW!!!!!

3051 days ago


run for your life keith!! she's a WICCA WITCH and you do not need to be involved with the cult. call off the wedding NOW!!!!!

3051 days ago


I support Madonna 100% and would like to nominate her for the new ruler of the free world.

3051 days ago


Panma, thank you for enlightening the fellow bloggers, I must say, your post is easily the most intellegent I've seen all day. :)

3051 days ago
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