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Darryl Hannah In A Tree, A-R-R-E-S-T-E-D

6/14/2006 12:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Actress Daryl Hannah and another protester have been plucked from a walnut tree and arrested, ending their part in the occupation of a 14-acre mini-farm near downtown Los Angeles.

Firefighters on a cherry-picker-type ladder cut away branches to remove Hannah and veteran tree sitter John Quigley. On the ground below, sheriff's deputies evicted others, including some who'd chained themselves to the tree and to metal drums filled with concrete.

Several dozen others were arrested outside the green area for blocking traffic. About 350 people have grown crops and flowers on the land, in an industrial section of the inner-city, for more than a decade. Owner Ralph Horowitz says that's long enough. He wants to build a warehouse and says that's what the land is zoned for.


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Guess She was plucked from a Tree. I lov Nature , also

2950 days ago


I thought when people grew gardens they did it on the land that they personally owned? Did these folks grow food on someone elses land? This owner, has the freedom to do as is zoned on his own property right? Was Joan Baez arrested in a tree? How can they protest what isn't theirs to begin with?
We seem to want to save the earth, and fish, whales, trees and yet, we executed the "bad guys", and do not protest the taking of human lives, they should be in prison, not murdered by the state.. So send them all up to San Quentin to protest the killing of human beings.

2950 days ago

Leo Gort    

If Ms Hannah wants the land to stay that way BUY IT

2950 days ago

Shirley Villasana    

Darryl Hannah and all other squatters were on land that did not belong to them. If they are so passionate about this then they should buy the land themselves instead of squatting on private property.

2950 days ago

madam bomb    

All these comments seem to come from people that do not live in urban areas. The access to land in an urban area is quite limited. People often rent land, or squat on it when the landlord is obviously derelict in his upkeep of the land (often times it's the city itself like here in New York).

What happens in these instances is people come in, clean it up, help the neighborhood regain (or retain) some semblance of community spirit or endeavor through these type of gardens. This often is to the benefit of said landlord, and the area itself, which sometimes "gentrifies".

Voila! The land is now worth something. Let's make money. Get all these loser hippies, or low-income types out of here and now.

But, wait, what about all that sweat-equity? What is that worth? It's no different than being a slave to the master on the plantation. Make it grow but reap none of the benefit.

This landlord is upsetting a lot of people and he should do the right thing and figure out a good compromise. Like shrinking the warehouse and still having land for the farm/gardens. Be the bigger man (or woman) and realize that this space is important to people.

It's so simple. Why are people so greedy, so selfish, so insincere, so snide, so hateful? For a warehouse? For money? For what?

2950 days ago

A guy who read all the stories    

Madam bomb knows nothing about the back story and just is ranting on. Here is the real story, the owner's property was taken by the government 20 years ago by eminent domain to build a refuse-burning plant which was never built due to NIMBY opposition and it has taken the owner all this time to force the government through the courts to let him buy back his rightful property.
The owner has given the garden cooperative first chance to buy the property from him, but they have been unable to come up with the money needed to give the owner a reasonable offer.

2950 days ago

Jennifer Rowe    

you do not improve what is not yours. plain and simple. if you don't like my landscaping, YOU move. Whatever improvements the gardeners supposedly made, that's great, thank you. but the bottom line is this, IT'S NOT YOUR PROPERTY.

2950 days ago


Wow! Communism is alive and well in the USA! Sweat Equity???? I love how that kind of argument always works for someone else's belongings or situation. How about this madam bomb. Why don't invite a bunch of squatters to your property, to do what in their mind benefits themselves, and then you share your land with them. Work out a compromise, hell, give them an equal share of the selling price when you sell. Make them equal owners while only YOU pay the mortgage! I'll be waiting to see the headlines on CNN for that one! Further, Whether the owner of the land likes Mexicans or not is irrelevant to the arguement. It is HIS land, not the trespassers who have illegally used it for their own purposes. Go back and read, and then re-read the writings of our founding fathers, and do so as often as needed until you understand how fundamental property ownership is to our Republic and our freedom. Bottom line protestors usually just protest and never really act. They usually want someone esle to do the acting. Case in point Ms. Hannah and her ilk, sit in a tree, chain yourself to this or that, but don't buy the land yourself. Get the government to sieze it and make a park out of it, but heaven forbid you open your wallet and do it yourself! Ms. Hannah has made millions in her demanding job of pretending she is someone else. So she could easily kick down a few hundred Gs and buy this land and let everyone plant on it and use it as they see fit. But she didn't because she, like the others are trespassing, law breaking, protestors and not doers!

2950 days ago

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