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Lindsay Confronts Paparazzi in NYC

6/14/2006 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan put her foot down after paparazzi were snapping pictures of her and her friends in NYC. Eating lunch at trendy Da Silvano, Lohan got so frustrated that she left the table to have a word with the pesky photogs.

Lohan's "Mean Girl" came out as she screamed at the photogs for taking pictures of her and her friends through a glass window at the restaurant while they were eating.

Wonder where Lindsay got those denim shorts? TMZ knows, click here to see inside Lindsays shopping bag.


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It's the price you pay for fame and fortune. You sure don't complain when you're out shopping and dropping thousands on a Prada bag! I can see where the frustration comes from and how you can get overwhelmed by being followed 24/7 but it's part of the job. You get paid millions for what you love to do but guess what? those millions come from people like me who pay to see your movies only because of the publicity not because I particularly think you can act. Now go get yourself a new Louie and stop whining!

3000 days ago


She is a moron. What does she expect? She continuosly puts herself out there. MORON!

3055 days ago


shes an idiot! i used to like her but shes just a hoe like all the other sluts she hangs with! bimbo!

3055 days ago


good for her!!!!!! f*** the papparazi!!!! they need to back off a little bit!!!! they really over do it!!!

3055 days ago


that's beyond ridiculous... every paparazzi picture I've seen of her... she's posing for them in some way

3055 days ago


I'm glad she confronted them, after all, they can be a little overbaring, but that is the cost of fame!!!!!! Just goes with the territory. I am sure none of them would give up their fame and fortune to stop it though. However, Lindsay does need to chill a little bit. She's a hot head!!! Must be the red hair. One of these days someones gonna kick that skinny little ass of hers & it aint gonna be very pretty. She seems to be right in the middle of drama ALL THE TIME. They should have named her Lindsay "Drama" Lohan.

3055 days ago


OMG!!!! Note to La Lohan.... ARE YOU A COMPLETE MORON OR WHAT? one minute you are saying that you don't have an eating disorder, the next minute when the papparazi are PROVING that you are acutally eating you blow up at them..... Oh Wait a minute I get it now..... you cause a scene to take the heat off Nicole so she could run to the bathroom and shove her fingers down her throat!!! Very good....

3055 days ago


Does anyone else think that the paparazzi is insanely good looking?!

3055 days ago


yeah, he is such a hottie! i work in the meat packing district and see this guy all the time with some cutie gal with short brown hair. I doubt Lindsay was yelling at him becuase i heard they are friends.

3055 days ago


you guys are the morons gowsh you guys act as if they ask for all the damn attention sometimes they just want to be alone with there friends and enjoy their free guys would do the same thing if the paparazzi followed your every move and never stopped taking all those pictures of you. and if all your going to do is critize her then why the hell bother commenting an article about her?

3055 days ago

6th. Avenue    

Da Silvano is overrated. Why does ANYONE go there? Oh yes, because it's hot and photographers will be there.

3055 days ago


The next one of you bloggers who uses the term "mean girl' in an article about Lindsay Lohan is getting shot. It was cute when that wholly castrated version of Heathers first emerged from Hollywood's slimy womb- not so much anymore. Get a thesaurus together, people.

3055 days ago


Mario - GET A CLUE - that is why this "comment" section is here. Its for our comments, opinions or whatever the hell else we decide to put in here. Who the hell died and made you the COMMENT POLICE??????? As far as these stars being harassed by the papz. ----- well, as said before, that is the price of fame. Said but true. Whether you like it or not, its a fact. Besides, your here on this website reading all the gossip and looking at the papz's pictures, so your buttering their bread just as much as anyone else. True they may go a little to far, but you cant tell me that when ALL these celebrities were "up and coming" and "unknown", they werent trying like hell the get the papz to notice them. Its a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One big game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

3054 days ago


linsay is the best and hottest person in the world so take more pictures of her

3054 days ago


Lindsay used to be pretty down to Earth, whats gotten into her? I'm not regarding this article but only doing work with the "big" producers? Shes not the best actress.....tip to Lindsay-- Stay a singer, acting just isnt your place.

3053 days ago
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