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Paparazzo: Bruce Willis Assaulted Me

6/14/2006 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Willis allegedly shoved a photographer outside of Koi restaurant in West Hollywood last night, and the alleged victim gave TMZ the blow-by-blow.

Anthony Goodrich
Photographer Anthony Goodrich claims Willis showed up at the popular restaurant -- where stars are known to frequent and paparazzi camp out -- and was making his way inside when Willis "stiff-armed" him, striking the lens of his camera, pushing it into his face. Goodrich says the impact broke the skin on his nose and chipped a tooth.

Goodrich says he called the cops last night, but they didn't respond. TMZ obtained a copy of a police report Goodrich filed today at the Hollywood division of LAPD, alleging battery. Before filing the report, Goodrich went to St. Anthony Medical Center in Los Angeles.

TMZ spoke with Goodrich after he filed the police report. "Basically he smashed my camera into my face ... for no reason at all," Goodrich said. "All I was doing was taking his picture. I didn't say one word. I didn't get in his way."

Willis' rep Paul Bloch and attorney Marty Singer tell TMZ Bruce got out of the car and was crowded by photographers, preventing him from entering the restaurant. They say as Willis was trying to walk upstairs, he put his hand if front of his face because he was blinded by flashes from photographers. Bloch adds that if Willis touched the photographer it was inadvertent, and he apologized afterwards.

According to Willis' reps, a security guard at Koi corroborated Bruce's story that he had done nothing wrong, and the photographer didn't have a scratch on him. TMZ tried to speak with that guard directly, but was told by a manager of Koi that restaurant policy does not to allow employees to comment on incidents involving celebrities.


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I know all about bruce and all actor in hollyood, im the greatast fun all over th world, keep going Bruce yoi doing fine =) from portugal/ évora

2997 days ago


Bruce is buff. They shouldnt be messin with him. I think its funny. He should have knocked his tooth clean out and not just chipped it. LOL

3050 days ago


That guy is acting like a baby...... and he isn't even hurt.
Everyone is money hungry. I bet the first thing he saw after it happened was $$$.

3050 days ago


LOL! It's about time. These mean-ass pappararzi have it coming to them. They should not mess with Bruce. I wish more of these celebrities would fight back. I don't feel sorry for this guy. H

3050 days ago


Hahh dude you got bad teeth anyhow one little chip isn't going to make any difference. And hey dude you no it comes along with the job. If you want to get in peoples faces with a camera lense you should expect to get bumped around once in a while. IF you can't take it get a new profession. Honestly he's just another looser trying to get a big fat paycheck!!

3050 days ago


I think it's hilarious!! Maybe it'll teach him to stay out of the way when a celebrity is coming by. With the crazy paparrazi, what did he think? That Bruce would figure out if he was one or just an innocent bystander? Maybe next time he'll respect his space and realize that asking would have been better. And if he's not interested in a personal photo, move or get hurt. Kudos Willis!

3050 days ago


Come on! You know the guy makes a boat load of money from invading peoples space. Get your tooth fixed yourself you can afford it or find a different job if you can't ! If he was close enough to get shoved he was too close to begin with. You can't hide invading someones space behind free speech! Bruce has a right to walk , run, or dance if he wants to without getting shoved, pulled or pushed! If the guy got hurt it was his own fault!

3050 days ago


SO, keep your face outta the way of his fist stupid!!!

3050 days ago


after a hotel clerk gets 11 mil. for a phone throwing incident involving, russell crowe, the flood gates have opened....if they hadnt already. whos to say that clowns tooth wasnt already chipped? obviously he doesnt have quite a stellar dental plan.

the paparazzi are the stench of my shit. they should all be shot on sight! when is the law going to start protecting celebs or people of power? until then its only fair game for every jerk off petafile with a camera lense to abuse the law.

oh, and once again, are the TMZ proofreaders on vacation?

3049 days ago

Geoffrey Wickland    

Paparazzi are known for taking advantage of any situation while Bruce Willis is known in the industry for being quite full of himself. It looks like 2 big over grown punks clashing. They are both doing jobs that have occupational hazards regarding fame.

3049 days ago


I don't see anything.
That guy is acting like a baby...... and he isn't even hurt.
I agree with BrenCrow

Gr. Wesley

3049 days ago


Great opportunity to get rich all of a sudden. I bet he had it in his mind when he attacked BW with his camera. Smart guy!

3049 days ago

Robert O Graham    

Keep up the good work Bruce,,But next time use a right Jab

3049 days ago


Way to go Bruce! Next time doit like you mean it...and a little oomph to the deflection-give them a reason to report you for assault.

Bruce Willis-1 Paparazzi-0

I have "seen" the way the paparazzi 'just stand there' and take pictures, I'm surprised it took this long for someone to lash out. I would have lost it a long time ago. They are ignorant, invasive pigs.

3049 days ago


First of all, I'm not black, so don't go there. But Bruce Willis is a racist. He hates Oprah. He loves weapons of mass destruction (let's see if he still supports guns after one of his daughters happens to get shot by one due to karma).
And he's a whitey from the east coast. Whiteys from the east coast, especially Jersey and NYC, play it rough and hard when it comes to inadvertently attacking people of color. They play it off as if they did nothing wrong and lie about it or make up some "legitimate" excuse. But guys like him from Jersey and NYC, they hate people of color.
He would make a perfect NY police officer. They have the intelligence of a donkey.
BRUCE WILLIS SHOULD BE ARRESTED! If Russell Crowe got arrested in NY for throwing a phone at some pompous hotel desk attendant, then so should Willis.
I hate Willis. He gets on my nerves. He leaves a good woman for some sluts. When he was at Sylvester Stallone's birthday bash in Vegas and took a great photo with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stallone and John Travolta, I later felt sorry for him, cause the other guys were happily married and he wasn't. In fact he was the only one who didnt even look at the camera because he felt sorry for himself and was embrassed that he was the only single middle aged guy. Bruce made such a mistake by divorcing Demi.

3049 days ago
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