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Key Evidence Found in Olivia Newton-John Boyfriend Case

6/16/2006 6:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Visor of Patrick McDermottA visor believed to belong to Patrick McDermott, the boyfriend of songstress Olivia Newton-John who has been missing for nearly a year, has been obtained by famed Hollywood private eye John Nazarian on special investigative assignment for "EXTRA." The visor, along with the eyewitness testimony of six people in and around Cabo San Lucas, may provide potential evidence that McDermott may in fact still be alive.

Patrick McDermott & Olivia Newton-JohnNazarian's search for McDermott led him along the Mexican coast and eventually to a local watering hole called The Sandbar, where owner Jed Galatro told "EXTRA" that his staff spotted McDermott after recognizing him from a missing person poster. Nazarian also spoke to the owners at Marina's Café who say McDermott was there with a mystery blonde. 

At the time McDermott went missing on June 30, 2005, he and Newton-John had been dating nine years.  Speculation exists that McDermott may have disappeared to escape mounting debts and possible jail time over thousands of dollars in unpaid child support.  Says Nazarian, "It's easy to get lost down there if you really want to get lost."

"EXTRA" has contacted the US Coast Guard, as well as Newton-John and McDermott's families, seeking their assistance in testing the hat for a DNA match.
A full report on the Patrick McDermott mystery can be seen on tonight's edition of "EXTRA."


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Sam Peters    

The website Tabloid Baby broke this story back in March.

Will Extra give them credit for this?

Many extra producers worked for Tabloid Baby's editor...

3060 days ago


he can't have loved Olivia too much, if he just took off like that.

3059 days ago


If he is that spineless, she doesn't need him anyway. If he's not paying child support, he needs to be held accountable.

3059 days ago


Is this Celebrity stalking this dead or alive man? Word is she was told a year ago to leave it alone!

3059 days ago


Geez what does a person have to do to end a relationship?

3059 days ago


I really hope the goverment doesn't waste any of my tax money trying to track down a guy behind on his child support. Theres probally agents in cabo drinking poolside as we speak! Bulls**t!

3059 days ago

Sharon Holmes    

I wonder if the "lady" he was with knows what this man is all about? I had the feeling he was alive and well. I think Oliva Newton-John does also.

3059 days ago


It doesn't sound as if it was Ms. Newton-John that had the the PI after him. Might have been the woman he owed the support to. And it wasn't ONJ's place to help bailed him out of financial debts. It may be that he never told her or refused anything she may have offered him.

3059 days ago


I think he left for a reason and it wasn't just money. After 9 years who knows what the relationship was about. Maybe, he was just sick of all the sh*t. I do believe he could have done it a different waY. Now the poor lady is spending all her money on his as*. I think she should just get another man and get on with her life. Whos the blonde?????? ANYONE???"

3059 days ago


This man doesn't want to be found...Leave him alone, Maybe someone is after him, who knows!

3059 days ago


I think Olivia knew he was still alive because she said she just needed to move on. People have a hard time talking like that when someone is missing. I always thought he was alive. What she saw in him is beyond understanding. I am sure if he did not want her, she would have excepted his leaving. It is said he was behind in tons of child support.

3059 days ago

Sam Peters    

Olivia Newton-John's had nothing to do with the search-- and never reported him missing or acknowledged the disappearance until an enterpring reporter realized the connection.

She went about her business and made public appearances-- then she went into spin control and made it seem as if SHE'D led the search. has the fascinating story. It looks like he was her "beard," which is why she didn't help him pay the relatively small debt-- and may have known he was okay all along.

THAT'S the story to tell!

3059 days ago


I don't understand why everyone wants to implicate Olivia in this. She was with Patrick for 9 years. Patrick was not a 'beard' for Olivia. That is just Tabloid Baby's sick take on their relationship. Like all the other falsehoods they perpetuate on their website. It has been reported that she had broken up with him a few weeks before his disappearance. The police asked her to not say anything. That is why she didn't come forward with this information right away. Stop making more out of it than there is.

Kathy Aviles - Do you have any new information about the pink cap? I would be very interested in hearing who has it in posession at the moment. Thanks very much.

3037 days ago


What everyone fails to mention is that Patrick & Olivia had BROKEN UP over 9 months before he disappeared! She is just a concerned friend/ex trying to help by using her celebrity. Notice that it wasn't "NEWS!" until Olivia got involved.

The fact that he disappeared over a mere $30,000 kind of proves that, doesn't it? Especially to abandon a kid he loves, but thanks to the witchy ex probably doesn't get to see much.

3035 days ago


Thank you so much for this information, Kathy! I was wondering what took so long. Hopefully, it won't be much longer until we know something.

3031 days ago

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