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Paris... She Shoots, She Scores!

6/19/2006 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton was in Canada for the Much Music Awards over the weekend and the heiress was quite friendly with a new man. Miss Hilton was seen partying and holding hands with hockey player Jose Theodore, goalie for the Colorado Avalanche.

Surprisingly, the two left Club Ultra in Toronto together, and headed to Paris' hotel. Paris skipped into the front of the hotel and waited in the lobby for her date. Theodore waited briefly, then exited Hilton's car to join her.

Paris rep tells TMZ " Paris is single now, as she has stated publicly. This is a time in her life where she will be concentrating both on her work and friends. Nobody should read into any photos, gossip or reports about her social life."

Paris has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, and has recently been linked to newly drafted Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Lienart.


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José, t'es un f****** bastard, je ne croyais pas que tu pouvais être aussi hideux que ta criss de famille de losers. Je te croyais droit mais je me suis royalemet trompée. Je suis très heureuse de ne pas m'être fait tatouer ton no. tel que prévu, tu te souviens de moi ??? Très heureuse aussi que tu ne fasses plus partie du Canadien de Montréal, finalement, tu es un criss de loser toi aussi.
Va chier bâtard...

3046 days ago

Georges Abud    

Theodore ; so flash and glitz makes you forget the hurt feelings you dispense on your wife and kid!? I thought you had more class than that . Paris Hilton is a s--- ! You could do better and you are going to lose your real happiness ; which is your young family !

3046 days ago


ugh i LOVE jose... he's soooo sexy. what is he doing with this dirtbag?!? stay away from him!!!

3046 days ago


Paris is a dumb fake chick all around.

from her tan to her hair to the color of her hair to her fake blue eyes.

she is a hoe bag

she is fake fake fake

her nose should have its own zip code.

She think she is better than anyone else.

That whole scene of her laughing while fat Brandon Davis talks crap on Lindsey Lohan just shows the amount of class she doesnt have and that she is an uneducated piece of trash that was born into a family with money.

She probably has nasty STD's from all her "famous" boy toys.

TEAM NICOLE all the way...
Nicole is real she isnt fake and tells the truth how it is.


Someone needs to push her off her rocker... ASAP

3046 days ago


I'm glad Theodore left Montreal ... funny thing is now with the Hilton affair i'm still gonna heard about him ... who will he choose next ... Britney ? lolll

3046 days ago


Please, let José alone with his daugther and wife. He is probably the only person in his family (the Théodores) to have some common sense (Annabelle told you about it). He had his load of sh** this year with his ankle injury, disgusting season and trade to Colorado. He needs a break now. I admit that Paris is cute, but Stéphanie is gorgeous and adorable and far less frivolous. Who would cheat on her?

SVP, laissez José tranquille avec sa fille et son épouse. Il est possiblement la seule personne avec un certain bon sens dans sa famille (les Théodore - voir Annabelle). Il a eu son lot de mésaventures cette année avec sa blessure à la cheville, sa saison très décevante et son échange au Colorado. J'admets que Paris est belle, mais Stéphanie est superbe, adorable et de beaucoup moins frivole. Qui oserait la tromper?

3046 days ago


it's only a picture...

3046 days ago


What is the surprise?
Theo's father and brother are in jail for lending money at huge interest rates and Theo himself was apparently linked with them, but has been able to escape all charges, cause he's a star! All the hockey players are cheating on their wifes or girl friends, don't tell me, that you didn't know that? What women would believe a hockey player that, he is not like that? Hey, yoo hoo, wake up....Those guys are stars, idols for lots of people, are away from home very often, without their wifes or girl friends, partying with other players, drinking all night and having all the women they want, so....If Paris Hilton was easy to get for him, l hope he had a good time....For his girl friend Stephanie, l hope she's not surprised and she knows what she has to do now! I also hope, that we will not read in papers soon, that all that story was just a misunderstanding and that she forgives him, because, he was just helping Paris, walking out of the bar and making sure she'll be safe at her hotel, by bording her into her bed and wishing her good night into her year etc. etc. etc. They are not GODS, but billionnaires partying humans, that take everything they can to enjoy theirs lives.... Cheers.

3046 days ago

Paris is so stupid...

...And Théodore too!!!!!!!!!!!!

3046 days ago


did anyone notice the first pic; his hand is UNDER that black lacy thing she's wearing around her neck. I agree with craven 0 stars, hope he had his shots....

3046 days ago



3046 days ago


What......first of all cheeting on your wife and new bord baby...only 3 months getting me sick....on top with that slutt..
Can't be more blond than this one. Only trash happens with her.
Not saying he is an angel himself....father in-law in prison, his own father and brother in prison, seeing him with Hells Angels at one time.........well I tough you were a good hockey player but your behavior has put you at the bottom of all.

Sorry are a f.....king looser Big TIME.....I feel sorry for Stephanie.

3046 days ago



You're right when you're saying that José Théodore isn't married, but he had a baby with Stéphanie Cloutier recently.

I'm not surprise about that story... It's doing the front page or wathever because of Mrs. Hilton. José is not the first professional hockey player who cheat his girlfriend. If you want my opinion, every professional hockey player did it or will do it!!!

3046 days ago


Look it's not the first time that he cheat...cmon, it's José Théodore, everyone knows that is's not a secret for anybody...if the girl wasn't Paris Hilton, we wouldn't be talking about this right now...he probably cheated on his wife like 3 333 times, so get over it...he's an ass...

3046 days ago


Jose's pick-up line:

Jose: Hi, I'm Jose, Denver's goalie. I let everything pass through my legs.

Paris: Wow, me too! Let's f@#$!

Jose: Right on, baby!

3046 days ago
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