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The Other Man in Angelina's Life

6/19/2006 5:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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Rose Ann    

The more I see and watch Brad with his Newest Woman, the more I think he made the right decision and starting a family unit with Angelina. Not all of us have the money, power or fame to help us along with parenting but he is happy, at peace with himself but most of all he has a big enough HEART to LOVE all of his children(adopted or not)

3025 days ago


Okay I jumped ship and am on "TeamJolie" for the last 3 months. She is an amazing person.I love her!

3025 days ago

Anna Karo    

How come she did not gain an ounce of weight while pregnant. The only
exercise she appears to get is one on one with Brad, so how did she have
a baby without gaining any weight?

3025 days ago


While Angie does look good and her parenting skills are exceptional, don't forget, she stole Brad from Jen. She got pregnant before Brad's divorce was even final. How would you feel if that happened to you. I'm sure you wouldn't be jumping on Team Jolie bandwagon.

3025 days ago


Billy what are you 12 years old? Lets try this one more time.
You CANNOT STEAL A MAN. You act like she drugged Brad and threw him in her trunk. Get over it already.

3025 days ago

Lance K.    

Ummm, Billy why is it we need to remember something that is not an undisputed fact. Neither you nor I know what happened in Brad and Jen's marriage. Everytime I speak about Angelina I do not need to think about Jennifer Aniston and vice versa.

I think you are far too involved in a relationship that you are not a party to.

3025 days ago

La Reina    

While I appreciate everyone's right to an opinion, I do wish we all could move on. It is easy enough to point to what mistakes the principals ALL made in the past.. But enough ... One can do nothing about the past and one cannot control or predict what the future will bring. But we have today to live and to make something of . There are many who will not be opening there eyes today so consider today a gift... I guess that is why it is called "the present." Don't waste it on what nothing can be be done about and focus your attention to today make all your actions , the next right thing.

3025 days ago


Congratulations and I wish the happy parents the best, what a blessing these two are. Wake up Hollywood, it's not all about sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.

3025 days ago


Lol it is kind of about sex... that's how the baby was born... and as for drugs, didn't jolie used to have a drug problem? and as for rock n roll... lol shiloh's t-shirt on the front of people was a "rocker" shirt

3025 days ago

jolie fan    

sydney welcom to team Jolie.
People who insist that Angie stole Brad from Jen (as though he were a candybar or a hat) are bitter from their own loss in love. They will never accept that Brad and Jen were not happy together. Sorry folks happy people do not get divorced. The reality for some people is that if a couple like Brad and Jen can`t make it, then what chance do they have. Brad hung in there with the ice princess for 4 years. god bless him. He has met the woman of his dreams and Angie has met the man of hers. Some people can`t handle rejection even when they aren`t involved.

3025 days ago


Angie looks gorgeous in so hot on her. I luv her....*pant*

3025 days ago


Angelina is a great mother, and people need to get there facts straight, Angelina didn't steel Brad away from Jen. She is no homewrecker. Angelina is a smart, bright and intelligent women. Not to mention that she has alot of class. She is a terrific mother who is always putting her children first. She get's an " A " plus in my book.

3025 days ago

Lance K.    

It is great seeing her out and about with Maddox. I hate that there are people always snapping her but the selfish part of me use to like seeing the taking Maddox to school pictures...

3025 days ago

Lance K.    

Too bad we aren't able to see a picture of little man. I just love their 3 children but then I am a fan of all children. If only more of us can see things as a child. Maybe we would stop with all of the irrational bashing of one another

3025 days ago

Lance K.    

I just love me some Angie and Maddox. God bless them both and the entire family

3025 days ago
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