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America's Got Talent -- But Not on NBC

6/22/2006 12:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Hasselhoff and Brandy serve as judges on NBC's"American Idol."

That would have to be the conclusion reached by most viewers of last night's premiere of "America's Got Talent" on NBC, the latest competitive confection from Simon Cowell and his "Idol" partners at FremantleMedia.

Even with the influence of two men – Cowell as executive producer and Regis Philbin as host – who helped make "Idol" and "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" respectively the two biggest summertime TV sensations in history, the show was frequently painful to watch, and not just because the "talents" on stage – among them a rapping granny and a man breakdancing in a giant puffy cow suit shooting milk out of the udders – seemed to be as much working out issues as doing their routines.

As for the judges, they hewed closely to the now-ubiquitous panel formula of Nice Judge-Fawning Female Judge-Mean Judge With English Accent. But the team of European megastar David Hasselhoff, pop diva Brandy, and Brit journalist Piers Morgan had nothing resembling chemistry, though the same could've been said of Randy, Paula, and Simon in the initial stages of "Idol." Still, Brandy's sympathy seemed deeply forced, Morgan's sniping was appropriately dry but almost too so, and Hasselhoff was just plastic and weird, often struggling to find the right response to the performers.

Regis, for his part, appeared uncharacteristically ill at ease with the show, not knowing whether to ridicule the contestants or the judges.

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I HATE THIS SHOW. TalentLESS, complete waste of time. It's a joke. No one is serious, judges or contestants. Good lord. Brandy sucks, the guy with the accent tries too hard to be like Simon. Simon I LOVE because he's actually funny where this guy isn't. David Hasselhoff -- well, he tries. This show is just another proof as a tool to revive failed actors and actresses.

2999 days ago


Ah yeah, I'd have to agree with the first post. This was NOT was I expected, especially with all the hype weeks prior to last night. All I can say is THANK GOD for TIVO and the fast forward button!!!! I even found myself skipping past their comments around the middle of the show. I got to a point where I couldn't have cared less what they had to say. And as far as the pushing of each other's buttons....that was just dumb! Half the time they didn't even give the people 10 seconds to do their thing. I think NBC was trying a bit too hard to be a modern version of "The Gong Show" from the 70's. I give this show 1 star. (and that's being nice)

3042 days ago



3042 days ago


What a huge mistake for NBC. It's hopelessly amateurish and cheesy. If it was just about actual talent, that would be one thing. But this crap with the supposedly "wacky" bad acts was something straight out of "The Gong Show." I kept waiting for Jaye P. Morgan and Jamie Farr to creep around with big mallets.

3042 days ago

Bob Robe    

Simon Cowell is a very talented guy with great taste - though you would never know it from watching this crap

3042 days ago


This show was horrific....truly an insult to our intelligence. What with the majority of contestants .....and this pathetic panel of judges....the show should have been called "America Has Lost It's Mind ." Simon .....I think you're terrific on "Idol"....but...with this one....well...don't quit your day job..........

3042 days ago

America's Got Talent Fan    

The show was a two hour train wreck. There were a few bright spots with Kevin Johnson, At Last, and Alexis Jordan.

However the full 27 acts that apeared where weak at most. The judges were terrible, the producers even let a "Stripper" appear while children were in the audience and children acts were waiting to perform. Just plane Weak.

3042 days ago


I looked forward to seeing this show for weeks. I was thoroughly disappointed. It was like the Gong Show from yesteryear with too many terrible performances. I did not like any of the judges. They were almost as bad as the contestants, most of which had no talent at all. The judges tried to hard to be like the "Idol" judges. They were not funny, or interesting. I watched for a short while, hoping to change my opinion, or hoping it would get better. It did not. I won't be watching this one anymore.

3042 days ago


I watched the full 2 hours. Of course it's goes much quicker when you have a DVR and you can fast forward through all the commercials. The show is not original but there are better acts then "The Gong Show". I loved that show when I was a kid. I loved listening to the 14 year old singer. She was awesome. Oops that sounds like something Hasslehoff would say. I don't know, but he seems to be lossing his mind or something. He's 57 years old and he's acting like a 75 year old trying to be a 30 year old. Too quick to judge some of the acts and not quick enough for some of the acts that should have been given the triple X. I hope it gets better with the judges but I do enjoy seeing the "talent". It's fun. Stop booing and appreciate these people for having the guts to go on TV and do there thing. Maybe some of you are jealous cuz your not talented or maybe more so and you should be up there doing your thing.

3042 days ago

Rachelle Waring-Kuschner    

I agree with most of what everyone has been saying. What were those judges thinking, if anything, and WHAT were they doing? The buzzing of everyone else's buzzers? Childish and ridiculous....most of the acts that sent off weren't even given the time to show what they could do. The bird trainer that was sent off was completely right! DON'T invite animal acts if you can't appreciate how difficult it is to train a species other than human....and that stripper, during prime time and passed through to the next round, while others weren't even allowed to continue to perform. What a mess! A poor effort and imitation of idol, even making the Brit the bad cop. Please. There is so much talent out there. Why do they have to make fools of those trying to show their stuff? Give me the reruns!

3042 days ago

Serena Hall    

The audience was so staged. You could get tickets on line for months now, and they have requested audience members to dress in outragious costumes. The better, the better your seating.Then Regis tells America the entire audience is filled with hopeful auditioners hoping to hear their name to come on stage. Everyone who was on stage last night was sitting in the first four rows and already wearing a microphone. What a mess of a show. Don't try and pull one over on the public!!!!

3041 days ago

Benton Smith    

WOW! - Has Simon Cowell got NO IMAGINATION? - Give us a break! - Think out the box a little Simon!

Why is he trying to make every show he creates "mimic" the American Idol! formula? - Quite clearly the formula does NOT transfer well. America has more brains than that Simon. If you want another show you create to be a success follow some simple steps! STOP! - Do some "real research" into what the American Public want (Not what you believe the American public want) then deliver on what you find! - Continue delivering "American Idol - Re packaged!" and I can assure you it will affect American Idol's ratings - it is now becoming like that great song you hear on the radio! - then they simply play it into the ground! - the song then quickly becomes the song from hell!

3041 days ago


Ohmygod, David hasselholf needs to crawl into a hole. Did anyone else see him dance? Was he really trying to make people laugh with his jokes, or was he trying to get people to turn the channel? Ouch, what a loser for a show.

3040 days ago


Booooo!! It won't last long.

3039 days ago


I hate how they buzzed people before they even did their routine! and I hated how they let some acts thru like the stripper? come on! and I especially hated how they rang each others buzzers.

3039 days ago
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