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"Deal or No Deal" Catches McPheever

6/22/2006 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katharine McPheeFashion designer Dina Bar-El has created outfits for "Desperate Housewives" and "The O.C.," but after having her dresses appear on a little show called "American Idol," Bar-El's phone has been ringing off the hook.

Bar-El designed all of the gorgeous gowns worn by "Idol" runner-up Katharine McPhee on the finale. 

NBC loved Bar-El's outfits so much that they have asked her to dress all the suitcase-holding models on the upcoming season of  "Deal or No Deal."

Bar-El told TMZ that the 32 lovely ladies will all sport the same black gown McPhee wore on "Idol" pictured here.

Another show jumping on the Bar-El bandwagon is FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance."  Dina will create outfits for the show's finalists and with the Emmys coming up in September, she expects to be dressing some of TV's finest.

Dina Bar-El's busy schedule is further proof that Taylor Hicks wasn't the only winner to emerge from this season's "American Idol."


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Oh! She has a personality???????????

2991 days ago

Grace B    

Here, here Dawn! Kat is lovely. I don't know her personally, but she seems to be a very nice girl. I read all of the bashing about her and her outfits and how phony she is and it just got old. The girl has talent, and nowhere have I read anything about bulemia from anyone who knows. I just think it's a shame that so many are so jealous and have to find fault with someone because they're beautiful. Where is the responsibility in posting? I mean, do any of you even know her? Are any credible sources saying anything about her supposed flaws? I know I admire her and wish her the I do Taylor and Elliot and all the talented kids.

2991 days ago


Wow. Iam so suprised that some people can be so mean. For one thing you guys don't even know Catherine , so how can you say mean things about her? She is an amazing singer and yes I bet people are jealous,but that is no reason to be so rude.

2991 days ago


I thought there were 26 models on DoND...

2991 days ago


my question is this. at 22 years old, what is katharine doing with that 41 year old boyfriend, nick? there is something terribly wrong with that. the bulimia and now revelations about her boyfriend being old enough to be her father? things that make you go "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

2988 days ago

Rene Girard    

I'm glad people are getting recongized for "the little things" like designing great clothes. Sometimes the clothes were not flattering. I don't much about Catherine but I liked her voice, her beautiful face and hair, and she seemed like a nice person. I've read about her struggle with Bulemia and I am so glad she has conquered that. May she stay close to God and thereby grow even stronger during this time of new found fame.

2988 days ago


Katherine is a true stunner. She is absolutely beautiful and she has these flirtatious eyes that drive me crazy. She does have a great body and that dress picutred above shows it off well. However, her singing is marginal at best. I agree that her rendintion of "Over the Rainbow" was great, but everything else was, at times, flat.

She will probably be one of those pop stars who has the looks, but lacks any "real" talent. (of which, there are plenty of) I hope I'm wrong, but that's what it seems like at the moment.

Either way, she is a real beauty and I wish her well.

2988 days ago

Pamela Watson    

BEAUTIFUL Dress, But..... VERY distasteful for an American Idol contestant.
Taylor Hicks Rocks!!!

2988 days ago


I like her also, but why does she have a 41 year old boyfriend? That won't last for long.

2988 days ago

James O'Sullivan    

I agree she is a beautiful young lady. She is sweet and handles herself very well. I don't know how anyone can say anything negative about her. She has everything in the world going for her. I wish her the best of everything.

2988 days ago


She is beautiful - she is young - she is "controlled by her mother" !!! It was apparent from comments her mother made on the show & finale that "her mother is Living "her own" dream thru her daughter".........and I believe "pushing her thru childhood" with pressure.............evident by her a 41 year old man is strange too.................Kate is looking for shes in "show biz" I am afraid she will really be screwed up!!!

2988 days ago


I am an 85 yr. old Great Grandmother. I would be delighted to have a lovely, talented, successful grandchild like Katherine. I voted for her 50 times on the final program. She looked so lovely and vivacious , how could anyone criticize anything about her - except the boyfriend who is too old. In my case I find 5 years difference too much when one gets old.

2988 days ago


Katharine is a beautiful.,talented young woman.....if you want to comment on her, be kind....there is too much cruelty in the world, don't be a victim of it or the cause of it.......she looked fabulous in all of her outfits through out the AI run....all the singers did.......she came forth with her eating disorder to tell others that you can beat it.....if she had wanted to get lots more attention, she would have made it known during the show....anyone who gains succes from AI be it Kat, Taylor, a dress designer, etc....we should applaud their success and good fortune and not be jealous....Go Kat!!!

2988 days ago


How long before Katherine's 15 minutes are up??? I'm so sick of her.....I won't be buying her CD's. I think she is a stuck up nasty woman and even if her CD is good I won't be purchasing it...and why why pray tell another version of Over the Rainbow...give me a break!

2988 days ago


Katherine might be beautiful and she might be talented, however she is certainly NOT an "American Idol." In my opinion, she could have gotten famous on her own with her mother behind her, pushing away, like they had been doing since she was very young. I think American Idol is about searching for an unknown talent who normally would not get anywhere because their resources are not strong. Katherine is not my idea of what the show is all about.

2988 days ago
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