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Halle Finally Gets A Good One

6/22/2006 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For all of her professional good fortune – an Emmy, a Golden Globe, an Oscar –- Halle Berry has had well-publicized bad luck when it comes to the men in her life. 

But in recent months she's been keeping company with Gabriel Aubrey, a Canadian model ten years her junior, and TMZ – after doing a little research – thinks she's finally found a keeper.

The "X-Men" star's romantic life has been a gauntlet of missteps and misery. Her two marriages, first to baseball player David Justice and then to jazz musician Eric Benet, both ended in divorce, and she's clearly regretful and bitter about the latter's much-talked-about infidelity. She recently told a reporter that having to pay alimony to Benet was "not good, especially when he cheats on you like 27 times."

What's more, Berry, who turns 40 in August, was reportedly left with almost total hearing loss in one ear after an altercation with a boyfriend, though the identity of that boyfriend has never been confirmed.

However, her latest beau, the 30-year-old Aubrey, has an unusually skeleton-free closet: No criminal record, no indications of infidelity, no signs of abusive or otherwise relationship-wrecking behavior.  He's been one of the top male models in the world for several years, earning $30,000 and upwards per shoot, and the two do make a remarkably handsome couple.

So even though Berry has quite publicly disavowed marriage as an institution, perhaps Aubrey will disabuse her of this recent notion – and prove that the third time really is the charm.

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Anonymously Yours    

Part of an old article that was circulating last month or earlier this month, Berry doesn't pay Benet alimony. See Also, what's with the jungle fever comment-wrong.

3050 days ago

Stuck Up    

I dont tottaly agree with me. But i have been recetly hurt by a black man leaveing me for another white woman. But hey im not gonna hate. If the girl {Halle} found love. I'm gonna stand behind her and still be a fan. I love you HALLE!

3050 days ago


Halle, you go girl, he is handsome as hell girl.........I think u deserve a good guy, and don't give up on marriage.........peace

3050 days ago

D Ray    


I hope it last but if it doesn't I'm always here

3050 days ago


Oh no Halley don't give up on are Black men, come on he's young and poor at least my your life, A little fun okay but a life long sit on the porch on the rocking chair no , I hopw you're just exporing......... my young sister.

3050 days ago


Maybe I should correct my spelling I mean he's poor by your standing. And to the chick who won't date Black men anymore more GOOD more for me.

3050 days ago


I agree with you (MISTIC) she's getting it right by dateing a white man, very BIAS INDEED) but what's really sad, our people by right into the underline interwoven racism. To (ME) There in old saying but a true one,(WE ATTRACT WHAT WE ARE). No matter were you go (Me) you take you with you. Not dateing Black Men will not solve your problems. Do some soul searching a moral inventory of yourself and heal the self hatred you have for yourself and your people. That's if you are a true African American women (ISSUE MEANS IT'S YOU). When you point one finger you have three pointing back at you. Just some words of widsom to (MY SISTER ME.) People stop participating in your own demise and genocide Stop bying into the arthur and media's hype, the only loving, healthy, succesful relationships are between black women and white men or black men and white women.You have bad seeds in all races. In my opinion, the love between African American Man and African American Women is so real and strong when both are healthy people spiritually mentally ETC. just my honest opinion. When you deal with people who are in denial about there own issues, you will have relationship with drama that goes for anyone. It take 2. ME SWEETIE and the rest of you take a look at you.

3050 days ago

Champayne Star    

I think that the public forgets that you can't judge a book by it's cover. Since we don't know what goes on behind the scenes, I can only hope that Halle will use good judgment before getting completely entangled with this gentleman. I wish both of them all the best.

3050 days ago


Halle, I'm sorry you had to endure the pain that you did. It's starts with you and ends with you. The problems you had with men of your pass are from your own choosing, You choose these men. Look at your choices, then take a hard deep look at you. You attract what you are. You are a Beautiful women on the outside. Find your beauty within.

3050 days ago


Congrats to Halle Berry!! Go girl!!!

I am glad that you found someone who loves you...
for who you are and not what you are.
Black or white... who cares??
Colors doesn't matter! Age doesn't matter either..
To each his own
Love is a wonderful feeling... enjoy it Halle!
You're beautiful, talented and a fine young lady.
Hope that this relationship works out for you.
You deserve it!!! I'll keep you in my prayers.
Good luck to you & Gabriel

Take care and God Bless You Halle

P.S. Remember: Age is only a number

3050 days ago

Marcia King    

Halle's problem is she likes the pretty men but cannot stand the competition. Yes i think she will marry again, but before she does she needs to be at peace with herself and stop trying to find the perfect man.

3049 days ago


A few points worth bringing up on this board that reflects a wide spectrum of opinion on the topic. These points are not meant to be judgmental or change anyone's current viewpoint on this topic but are merely offered for reflection on this matter:

Why does the author of this article say "in recent months she's been keeping company with Gabriel Aubry" when reportedly they have been dating since late last year?

They mentioned that they did "research" (on what I'm not sure they mean). Did they think this relationship was a set-up, and if so what would make it real now? What does "a keeper" (the term referred to by the writer) mean particularly in Hollywood standards?

Why are Halle's two failed marriages seemingly sensationalized for their number (2)? How many marriages did Liz Taylor, Jane Fonda, and countless others - both inside and outside of Hollywood - have? How many does the average working-class non-showbusiness person have?

Also since the author notes he Gabriel Aubry) has a criminal free record, which of the other men in her life (presumably the Black ones) had a criminal record?

A lot gets made by the media and forum posters about the men in Halle's life (presumably the Black ones) who have harmed and abused her. Now does anyone ever think about the Black men who have shown her love and helped her along the way, such as for instance, Spike Lee who gave her the first break in "Jungle Fever," and Eddie Murphy for the movie "Boomerang" who at the time had tremendous industry clout ("Mr Box Office" as he was known then) and would have given the film's directors the go-ahead on her as someone he felt comfortable working with? Well I'm sure Halle knows all this.

And finally, now that Halle occupies the perch in Hollywood that she does (Forbes 100) as one of the most beautiful, successful, and visible Black women, is it possible that there are no Black men available for her, particularly outside the showbiz industry, despite decades of advances that have been made. Just a few interesting points (I feel) to raise.

3049 days ago

Anonymously Yours    

LMAO at all of the comments. Guess I have to put my two cents in. Agree with the posters that said that the article has some racial over tones as well as the bit with Benet being false---see a recent article of him blasting back at Berry for her supposed recent comments. He claims she pays him no alimony nor has had any contact with India and needs to stop playing the victim. I'm not a big Benet fan , but his explanation makes sense somewhat.

Don't know about the posters who have commented about the rumors of Aubry being gay or bi. Haven't heard any. Just because he's a model that doesn't mean anything. Regardless of Halle's supposed relationship issues
do ya'll really think she is dumb enough or desparate enough to have a made up 'romance' with a gay or bi model---PLEAZZZZZZZ just for the publicity for the media and her fan really doesn't make sense either regardless if she likes to be seen whether she is bitching about the papparazzis or not-which does have some truth to it. Don't think her publicity is that stupid either even though the victim bit is getting very old. If this is the case in either situation, she needs to get a new publicist.

More attention/publicity needs to be focused on her career since she is an Oscar winner instead of her personal life whether or not you feel she deserved it or her winning was politically motived by the Academy,etc. Some times I really wonder if she knows the responsibility that goes along with that.

Do I think the relationship will last? Who knows? I'm not psychic nor do I know them personally. Couldn't careless if she's bi racial and dating a white guy. Only time will tell if it will work out. Hope she finds what she is looking for.

3048 days ago


They are a great looking couple. But if this doesn't work out, she needs to find a wealthy business man who is not into the Hollywood scene and is just about her. She gets involved with these entertainers and that is when all havoc begins. She needs a nice man who is "all about her" not about the Hollywood lifestyle. Can you imagine what their kids will look like? .... Amazing.

3047 days ago


I think something is totally wrong with Halle. How could she say she loves children and will adopt one. She said she loved India, but she trashed her daddy. If he had other womens she should not have brought it out like she did. She is always on the attack mold. She has not said one thing about the girl she so loved. Eric has publicly said he has not tried to keep India from Halle. It seems to me she really didn't love the child. How could you drop a child like that. They better be careful when letting her adopt. She might get tied of the child and drop it.
I am surprised that a reporter has not had the guts to asked her "What's up with India the chikd you said you love and completed that motherhood void you had". She said it, so WHAT'S UP?

3047 days ago
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