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Charlie Swears Under Oath

6/23/2006 7:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Charlie Sheen went face to face with his estranged wife Denise Richards on Thursday as he sat for his deposition in his divorce case.

Sheen arrived with his lawyer, Lance Spiegel, and Richards showed up alone. The deposition was taken in Beverly Hills at the law offices of Neal Hersh, Richards' lawyer.

We have no details as to what transpired inside the deposition, but once source told TMZ it was a "highly tense situation." The divorce has been bitter, with Richards making various allegations against Sheen, all of which the "Two And A Half Men" star has denied.


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she is so hot!!!

Team Denise!!!!

3010 days ago


So much for their desire for procedings to be private. I agree -- they're both "public" figures and, to some extent, parts of their lives ARE public. But, they have two small children who may some day read these things. Let them alone.

3010 days ago


Charlie is SO HOT! Why Denise is dumping him is beyond me.

3010 days ago


I don't trust a word Denise says...when a best friend steal her girlfriend husband in the middle of their divorce. When she has been one of your confidants and advising you how to handle your divorce.

Then don't tell you she f*cking your husband...even during the "I'll might change my mind phrase"...then I don't trust you.

Now Charlie is what you see, is what he it. Basic, raw

3010 days ago

Lance K.    

I am not sure why Denise was motivated to do the public filings or her repeated conversations with TMZ and the tabloids but I do hope all parties will consider the children

3010 days ago

Lance K.    

What is this TEAM CRAP that everyone always want to jump on. IT is extremely childish

3010 days ago


Denise is a slut, and a liar Charlie has a past but a good life she is just trying to overshadow her new love life!

3010 days ago


Denise thinks she is still a Bond girl and Charlie thinks he is still Wall Street material......I prefer watching my slinky.

3010 days ago


Sorry about that double.....I forgot I 'con'firmed....but then, so did God..that's why we have male and female.

3010 days ago


Denise wanted the bad boy, married the bad boy, seperated from the bad boy, reunited with the bad boy and now is trying to play the girl next door. I am not buying it, Two peas in a pod. Its going to get worse before it gets better and its going to cost both of them a pretty penny. He is a hot bad boy though. I think she should reconcile again with him. Who would give him up? We all have a thing for those bad boys!

3010 days ago

dirty diana    

charlie needs a spanking cause he's been a BAD boy. LOL!!

charlie is HOT!! i bet he's WILD in the sack!! LOL!!!

3010 days ago


she is a homewrecker, he is too, they are perfect for each other they should get back together

3010 days ago


I don't really care....
Denise thinks she's Angelina Jolie all of a sudden.
She was never that popular and she was always a ditz both in her acting roles and real life.
I kinda believe Denise though when she says Charlie may have done those things.
She looks good in that dress though and I've always liked her face cut. But she needs to shut up once in a while and think about something smart to say before talking. I think she's beginning to get on people's nerves. If she really worships Angelina Jolie, maybe she should give up some of that divorce money to some really good causes or promote them publicly. You know, waste your energy on something productive instead of stealing top actresses' men.

3010 days ago


i am on charlie's side. I wouldnt ever believe Denise.Its pretty sad she has to date her ex friend's ex thats really sick,She is nasty to look at

3010 days ago


I'm a woman and I am totally Team Charlie. He may have had his past, but he has always been honest about whatever he's done, be it drugs or Heidi Fleiss girls and while I may not always agree with his lifestyle, I admire that he has owned up to whatever he's done and moved on. Denise, on the other hand, is a C grade actress at best who has used her face and body to make up for what she lacks in acting talents. In fact, until she married, separted, reunited and then divorced Charlie, no one even remembered her and she had no acting roles. I think she sized up Charlie vs. Ritchie and decided that Ritchie had more to offer financially and decided to make her move, no matter what it does to all parties involved. She knows she may never have anything of a career, but she is gonna make sure she has money, one way or another. A true classless skank in my book and Charlie and Heather are both better off without her in their lives. Too bad there are kids involved tho.

3010 days ago
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