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Keith Urban's PG Bachelor Party

6/23/2006 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Keith UrbanNicole Kidman didn't have to worry about her future hubby's bachelor party getting too wild because she was there - and so were her parents.

While Keith Urban's 'stag' party (as it's called Down Under) was rumored to take place at the paparazzi staked-out Royal Motor Yacht Club in Sydney's Rose Bay, the actual soiree took place Thursday night at Nicole and Keith's new waterfront home.

TMZ has learned the soon-to-be-newlyweds took her folks and her sister Antonia to their home and 'partied' until the wee hours of the morning.

Why such a tame bachelor party? We've learned Keith doesn't drink anymore, so a crazy night with the boys probably wasn't exactly up his alley.

Their wedding guests may want to take heed, however, just in case the reception is BYOB.


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Good for him, I think if he stays off the drugs and alcohol, he and Nicole will make it, I wish them all the luck in the world....

3045 days ago


Puulllleeeeasse!!! The reason he didn't get his party is because she won't let him out of her sight. She probably put all that in the marriage contract he signed.

3045 days ago


First of all it's a stag party, not a shag party. Secondly, hasn't anyone told her that he is gay? He highlights his hair and wears more makeup than she does. Hello! Where's the gaydar?

3045 days ago


He is not gay. He doesn't even wear make-up if any. Go to one of his concerts and get the real facts or join the fan club. That is just silly

3045 days ago


Keith Urban is neither gay nor controlled by Nicole. He is a born again Christian. He used to be hooked on cocaine & alcohol and he totally kicked them both with God's help. I have been a fan of his since he first started out. He is very family oriented and loves his music and appreciates his fans. I wish him and Nicole all the best, they both deserve to have someone that loves them and wants to be with them for the rest of their lives!

3045 days ago


I think Nicole found a down under homeboy who will treat her as she should have been all along...He went thru a rough time and turned into a gorgeous hunky man...She is getting a prince and he has money too so dont think its all her!

3045 days ago


Far as I can see, Nicole traded up. Nicole is a class act and has never aired her dirty laundry in public. I wish her and Keith all the best. They are a match made in heaven. Love her movies, love his music.

3045 days ago


Keith is not a born-again Christian. He is not even Christian. He is spiritual and believes in a higher power but not necessarily in the bible. How can you claim to be a fan of his since he started out and not know that?

3045 days ago


I dare anyone to see a Keith Urban concert and come away saying he is gay. It amazes me that people believe all the stuff printed. They do not have a pre nup.
I think they are both wonderful and have it so together they will make it. I certainly am pulling for them. I love their involvement in charties. I saw Keith in New Orleans and he was walking the walk, not talking the talk. He not once has cashed in on his St. Jude's Hospital work. We need more people that have the power to help and do it.

3045 days ago


Do any of you know Nicole & Keith personally?? My guess is probably not, so who are we to comment on whether she is a control freak, or he's a Christian or spiritual. Yet here we are commenting on their lives...hey I am throwing myself into this mix. As mere "mortals" we love to gawk and speculate about the lives of celebrities. In the end I doubt Nicole & Keith will be perusing looking for our comments....but then again, you never know.

Be well star gazers.

3045 days ago


Keith's career has hit the skids since he hooked up w/Nicole.
Why would you even refer to a bachelor/stag party when the bride to be and her parent's are there attending?? How stupid.

Everybody is reporting about how religious Nicole is and this time is getting married in the Catholic Church. Pleeeeeeeeez, the right amount of $ will get you anything, even a cleansed soul apparently. All this hype about Nicole and her embracing her Catholic roots again-- what about Keith is he a convert just for the occassion? There is no mention, it is all about Nicole. ack.

Keith should be running-- running to get his livelihood back on track as it has taken a nosedive.

3045 days ago

Debi and Wendy    


3044 days ago


saavedra. do you know what your talking about, he won entertainer of the yr at the what are you talking about his career has hit the skids since least get your story right before you post..good luck to them both, they deserve to be happy..and I don't know what his religion was, but you can't get married in a catholic church unless your at least practicing to be catholic...

3044 days ago


Keith still drinks - ask anyone who lives here. And then some.

This whole "wedding" is a big Public Relations stunt to get Keith the fame in Australia he so desperately desires. And for her it's to get herself in the headlines again so that maybe somebody will give her a script to a movie that is actually GOOD.

3044 days ago


God Bless Them Both! My husband and I threw everyone a curve...he told people in my hometown that we had broken up, since there were alot of gossip seekers (we're not celebrities, but for some reason, everyone wanted to speculate about everything). We, like Keith and Nicole, shared the night before the ceremony with our family. Then, we were married in a beautiful, religous ceremony (at a dirt-track, believe it or not). Then, gave the gossip seekers all they wanted...there's all the details in the local newspaper. Too much fun! We have been married 15 years. We have not shared the first cross word with each other and believe me, there has never been a boring moment. We celebrated our anniversary by seeing Keith in concert this past November in Greenville, SC. God has given Keith the beautiful gift of music and I don't think Nicole is just acting when she plays those warm, loving characters as she did in Cold Mountain. She has to have a kind heart to be able to relate those to her audience. So, they can be that wind beneath each other's wings. Again, may God Bless Keith and Nicole with a lifetime of Love and little Urbans. ;)

3043 days ago
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