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Pam Strips, Bashes Beyoncé

6/29/2006 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela Anderson: Click to WatchPamela Anderson stripped down to her panties in the window of Stella McCartney's London boutique Wednesday, in a protest over fur.

When asked if there's a need to name and shame celebs who wear fur, the "Baywatch" babe took no prisoners.  "I don't think that's glamorous at all ... especially the ones that are starting to put them [fur] in their clothing lines like J. Lo and Beyoncé ... it's really important for them to be conscious of what they wear, especially as they're fashion icons."

Beyoncé Knowles was recently confronted by  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) at a swanky restaurant in New York.  TMZ was first to run the undercover video. 


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Well, you may think she is an "idiot" but her stripping got THE attention PETA needs, and the boards are talking about her cause.

Pretty smart "idiot" i'd say!

3040 days ago


Pam doing what Pam does best - getting naked!!!

3040 days ago


I don't always agree with the tactics for getting the message across. BUT, it is a important message. Say NO to animal cruelty and do not wear fur! What some find tasteless ( ie: Pam Anderson) some find true, we came into this world naked, hopefully we have evolved enough not to wear animal pelts any longer for cover, there are many other fabric choices!

3040 days ago


Let's get naked - the Pamela Anderson motto, I take it!

3040 days ago

Mary George    

Lara 0 stars - my young son also can't speak, do laundry or clean the house and as humans are animals, does that mean you would wear him?? "Dominion over the animals," means we should care for them as opposed to abusing them. But I'm a Christian so my outlook is biased by my religious views.

3040 days ago


I think Pamela Anderson could have done this without taking her clothing off. U can do many things to get your point across without not getting so drastic. I think she is wanting more publicity. She seems the type. I feel sorry for her kids. Instead of acting like the mother she should be she is exposing herself for her own enjoyment. Pamela always struck me as the whorish type of women.

3040 days ago


How many of you that are so supportive are wearing something leather (for fashion) at this moment and have meat in you freezer (for hunger)? The average person does not own fur because they can not afford it and therefore does not car about her protest.

I wonder if there's any animal product in the MAC makeup she wears? Is that not for fashion?

Tommy Lee doesn’t look like a grass eater. Remember Stella McCartney is a vegan.

3040 days ago


I do not believe that stripping to nothing tells anything about fur killing animals. I think it is a way for a trashy woman to get more people giving her attention. And her kids will grow up seeing her that way. There is more respectful ways to protest fur than taking your clothes off. It's a great way to tell kids it's okay to use your body in disrespectful ways and let men think it's okay to disrespect women. And the ones who think getting naked for a cause is great are truly perverts and the only cause they care about is seeing her naked or any other person. I don't see how letting our kids see a naked woman makes this country any better. Actually it makes our country worse by bringing up more rapist and stupid women.

3040 days ago


god all you people are horrible displays for our earth.
Animals are part of mother nature part of our earth.
Maybe, yes people need them to survie, to eat.
But, by all means they are not to be taking from their home, put in small cages where they can not even turn around and then skinned ALIVE!!!!
Have a heart! Not to sound corny but animals are our friends!
They have every right to be here.
Sex sells now a days and even if getting naked has nothing to do with Fur or animals it makes people listen!! it gets our attention! Is that not why we are all posting on this story? Some of you people are so cruel. I dear one of you to set foot in a fur farm! I have been there i have seen these horrible people killing little animals so what, so someone rich can have a fur hat or fur coat! There is no excuse for killing god's creatures for articles of clothing.... no right! no right!
If one day far in the future little children become a hot Commodity would you wear your children? Yes drastik comment, but some people on this earth love animals, they rescue animals they care for them.... as do I and alot of people on this earth. You dont have to be vegan to show your love for animals. Killing animals for their fur should be illegal as should leather purses. It is not a necessity to ear fur....

People have a heart....

You can not put a price tag on animals....

I would rather die then have to go back to a fur farm and see how horrible the proccess of fur making takes place.

I Congratulate Pam for her beliefs !!!

As far as her having no class...

I think she has more class than anyone here!

Always and Forever!!

3040 days ago

Micki D    

Well - I am grateful that Pam is doing this - she is getting attention - and people who sell clothes (B & JL) are greedy and uninformed. They are sickening to me - and really if they lived on your block you being talking about the girl with the giant *ss in the brown house! Yuck. Pam doesn't wear leather shoes - I admire her for making people aware of what is going on -

3040 days ago


Hey Tracey I am no pig thank you so stop assuming. By the way I have big boobs and I am not jealous! I still see no significance is going buff for ATTENTION (ahem) for animals!!!

3040 days ago

Jen in NY    

Yes, of course wearing leather seems a bit like a hyprocrit, however there are many by-products that come from other industries, such as beef. Would you prefer the animal hyde just get tossed into the trash and not be used at all? Let's not be ridiculous and demand that the world go vegan! Another more reasonable answer would be to fight for ethical treatment of those animals whose fate is to become someone's meal; i.e. free roaming and humane euthanizing. I pitty those that are ignorant and can't see/hear the plea for "the ETHICAL treatment" of animals and believe that bi-peds rule the planet! Perhaps we can look towards electing a great leader of this country who is concerned about such issues and can look past their growing bank accounts and fighting wars. Come on people, how about the ethical treatment and respect for all things living, without the God complex and the need to kill with complete disregard for our planet?

3040 days ago


What about the chickens in the little pens, the fish in the tanks with their own feces, the crabs that get their claws stuck in fishermen's nets...oh this is too sad--I can't go on.

3040 days ago

Jen in NY    

PS # 15, where did you go to school? "go ONE with your life". You are obviously a pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Humans DO NOT dominate the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ignorant only THINK (the one's with brains) humans rule this planet. Are you aware of something called an ecosystem and the need of all creatures alike to keep it going smoothly? Obviously not!!!!!! People like you have gotten us (the world) in our current position of GLOBAL WARMING. We should be concerned with the hardship and loss of life, from tiny creatures to starving people. I think ignorant people should be sterilized!!!!!!!!!!!!, to prevent further devastation of our globe.

3040 days ago

Jennifer Vera    

I agree with 15- We have dominion over the animals- got over it. But there are plenty of abused, starving children and domestic violence shelters or many other downtrodden people you could turn your attn. to that could sure use some of that media attn.

3039 days ago
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