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Kathy Griffin's D-List Dish

6/30/2006 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kathy GriffinTMZ caught up with D-List Queen Kathy Griffin outside "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and the funny lady had plenty to say.

Griffin admitted her favorite D-lister is former "Saved by the Bell" star Mario Lopez.  Her least favorite? That dubious distinction goes to this week's media whore of the week - Star Jones Reynolds.

The star of the Bravo reality show "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" signed autographs and even revealed her interesting theory linking golf to murder.

Check out all of her hilarious Griffinisms.


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i think kathy rocks ! she's one of my most favorite comidiens. she thinks like i do
( raunchy).
i would be the first to whoop it up in her honer if she ever came to florida, and i'll bring all my friends to do the same.
Jay Lenno is such a looser. i cant even watch his show, something about him just turns my stomach. wish i would have been with kathy when she was on the tonight show. i would have set him so very straight ! he'szzzzz the friend of the good looking guy at the bar, so he can just shut is pie hole. kathy's beautiful, smart and funny as hell. he cant come close to a comparison. so zip it Jay!
love the D-list show, your parents are so cool. i wish i had parents like that. she's a lucky girl.
ok i feel better now.
thanks for letting me vent

one of your biggest fans,

2948 days ago


I normally don't like people calling each other names like whore, but Kathy was right about Star. I used to love watching Star pre-Al. I remember that she was smart, quick, and had her own opinion. She stated that if you have to change for your husband, that it would fail. Well she totally changed. She hated dogs, but got one because Al liked them. (I love animals.) She lost all that weight, almost dying to do it, and lied about how she did it. She used everything possible to scam people and advertisers out of free stuff for her wedding, on E, and on ABC. She let her law licences lapse, and did not renew it. She changed the way she dressed before the weight loss, but after she met Al. If that is not a whore, then I don't know what is. She sold herself out to get a ring on her finger.
Kathy may not be a perfect human being(who is?), but I would much rather invite her to my house, than Star Jones Reynolds.

2948 days ago


I love her, she is fearless. I watch her show and her stand-up all the time. I love her bit on Celine Dion. And Oprah. Love her. She is so not D-list any more.

2983 days ago


She's funny but what's with the FACE...little too much plastic surgery.

2983 days ago


I LOVE Kathy and think she is very funny. The only thing I don't like about her is her stylist...if she has one. She tends to dress a little "dowdy" and with the right clothes....she could look really good. As for the plastic surgery comments...everyone in Hollywood has that "plastic" look. I am getting use to it I suppose. Scary, I know.

2983 days ago


At first I didn't like her or her voice but, after I watched her years ago do the MTV Cribs show (I believe it was) I've since changed my mind. She is so funny. Even when her parents are visiting--she's relentless with them!!! It's so funny! And sometimes they don't get the joke or whatever Kathy's doing to them!! LOL I also saw the show she did about Celine Dion; how she feels a little better about Celine but, you know she still made fun of her! lol I have to watch her show about the Black Woman. I know she is waaayyyyy out there with that!!! lol And she doesn't care. She will talk about you like a dog!!! lol Look out Star, here she comes!!!! LOL

2983 days ago

Jay this woman. Not only a funny, funny girl....but a hottie also!! Love ya KG ...youre the best. BTW d-list youre not!

2983 days ago


I love me some Kathy G!! I never miss her show on Bravo, love the standup...but I couldn't stand her on Suddenly Susan. Go figure. Her routine about Brooke Shields' wedding had me peeing my pants!!! Ditto on the View comment..put her in and watch Joy foam at the mouth. But, Babs won't have KG on after the Catherine Zeta Jones incident, don't ya' know....

2983 days ago


I think there are few people in America who get the absurditity of celebrity. Kathy does and she makes it work for her. Make no mistake, the people she jokes about make more money than third world countries and have sooo many paid "yes" people blowing smoke up their asses, they really can't be touched. I wish more people would stand up and call the Hollywood people on their self involved crap.

She is razor sharp and i don't miss anything she does unless I just plain don't know about it. I didn't see the rap video she was in as the nurse either.

2983 days ago


I used to be a fan of Kathy's but what up with her calling Star Jones a whore. Forgive me but I can't accept a grown woman like Kathy calling someone that name just to get attention. Funny lady she is not. I'm just one person but you lost me.

2982 days ago


I like Kathy but on Jimmy Kimmel she called Star a b!tch which was uncalled for and finally flat out said that she didn't like Star, something she did not say before Star's fall from grace... Kathy if you're really so bold and irreverent you should have been more honest in your act because although it was clear that you did not like Star you didn't have the guts to come right out and say though your husband did... I just don't like the idea of kicking someone when they're already down.

2981 days ago


Kathy should top the D list her self. She exudes no class. Any woman who calls another woman a whore in the manner that she did Star Jone, has no class.

2981 days ago


I can't stand the bitch, Im surprized someone has'nt kicked her ass....

2980 days ago


Gwen - if THAT is the the tipping point of your liking Kathy Griffin, you clearly never saw her act before watching this clip.

Kathy - I love her - I think she would be a GREAT replacement for The View, but I doubt that would actually happen since she makes fun of Barbara....

Another great replacement for Star would be Mo'Nique, another fantastic comedian.

2980 days ago


This may have nothing about the upper comments but I could not find any other place to add my comments about you but if you do get this I have to say that me and my husban love your show and him being in the army and having to go to Irac, you going there does show that people really do care, because me being an army wife I really do have to watch what I say around some people. And you really do keep real and thank you. You losing weight was really cool but know my husban wants me to lose some. thanks for that too. lol !!!!! I hope you get to the level of fame that you want. by


2970 days ago
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