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Entourage Decoder

7/3/2006 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was yet another tumultuous couple days for Vinny and the boys on last night's episode of "Entourage."

Before you could say "ugly green ogre," Vince sent boyhood pal Dom packing with "a Hummer and an apartment" for stealing a priceless Shrek doll and now he has to make a momentous choice between playing drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and donning the wetsuit in "Aquaman 2."

As usual, of course, Team Chase did plenty of spending and name-dropping along the way, prompting us to wonder about that helicopter ride to Santa Barbara, the animation king, and all those scripts that Ari tossed aside like so many former assistants.

ART:  Vince decides that he doesn't want to deal with traffic to get up to Santa Barbara for the wine soiree at chez Rubenstein, so he ferries the guys in style in a chopper.  How much for the ride – and how much time would they actually save?

LIFE:  According to Island Express Helicopters, an LA helicopter charter company, a round trip from Santa Monica Airport to Santa Barbara would be roughly $5,500, before any landing fees or taxes. And the journey is roughly 50 minutes, about half of what it would take from Beverly Hills to Santa Barbara – but without any traffic, which can add hours to the trip, as anyone who's gotten stuck on the 101 freeway can attest.

ART:  To get the lead role in "Medellin," Vinny has to suck up to the "animation king," a Hollywood power player named Phil Rubenstein who brought "Shrek" and "Madagascar" to the big screen. Who is this Phil Rubenstein anyway?

LIFE:  Well, he doesn't exist in the real world, but he's awfully reminiscent, at least professionally, of a certain Jeffrey Katzenberg, who really did produce "Shrek" and "Madagascar" as one of the principals of DreamWorks SKG, the studio he founded with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen. And like the fictional Rubenstein, Katzenberg's got plenty of coin: He and his partners sold DreamWorks to Paramount Pictures late last year for $1.6 billion. Oh, and by the way – a quick check on eBay turned up a high bid of $19.99 for a mint-condition Shrek doll. 

ART:  Ari flaunts the prestigious upcoming projects that Vince will be turning down when he does "Medellin," including "Flight," directed by Darren Aronofsky, and "Sandman," described as "'Being There' meets 'Lawrence of Arabia,'" helmed by David O. Russell.  Will we ever see either of these projects in a theater near us?

LIFE:  Probably not.  According to the Internet Movie Database, Aronofsky's ("Requiem for a Dream") next project is "The Fountain," a science fiction-ish epic starring Hugh Jackman and Aronofsky's wife Rachel Weisz, which comes out later this year. David O. Russell ("Three Kings") will be directing Vince Vaughn in a comedy called "The H-Man Cometh," about a radio talk-show host who begins to take on his listeners' neurotic qualities.


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I love this show!

2999 days ago


Who gives a crap about this show?

3034 days ago


In fact it's a lot like desperate housewives. Nobody really cares!

3034 days ago


I love this show, I can't wait til sunday nights....If you don't like the show, why comment at all?

3034 days ago


It's not going to last but for 1 more season. Cux it sux!

3034 days ago


Oops, I meant cuz it sux. But I'm sure you lonely 3 entourage fans knew that.

3034 days ago


LOVE Entourage....

3034 days ago


Only time will tell, I will watch til it's over, and then I'll watch re-runs..

3034 days ago


The guy who plays Vince is supposed to be a movie star stud? He's so petite, and more feminine than masculine. What's so great about him?

3033 days ago


Did anyone see the travelogue with Jeremy Piven on the travel channel? It was beautiful and I totally fell in love with him after seeing it. Also, in my opinion, Kevin Dillon doesn't get enough recognition and credit that he deserves.

3033 days ago


Your right the guy is as queer as a three dollar bill but I'll bet my check he will bust someones chops if he finds out who said that,I got your queer hanging you dcs!

3033 days ago

Lisa arneill    

LOVE THIS SHOW!! E is my favorite character. I agree it hasn't been its best this year. I will watch every week to see if it picks up now that dom is gone. The last two episodes last season were the BEST!! There is not a show on t.v that has better dialogue. It's like having 4 SATC samatha's on one show. One more brash than the other...

3033 days ago


Entourage has a HUGE fan base, what are you talking about? Hardly 3 fans. They've recently been on the covers on tons ofmagazines, including Entertainment Weekly. Obviously, you're the one who's missing out. Great show!

3033 days ago

The Blueprint for Money Making    

its true, the helicopter ride does save a lot of time.

3032 days ago


I work in Hollywood and everything in the show is so true. I think that's why it's so popular plus it's really well written.

3031 days ago
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