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With No Class

7/4/2006 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

college_g_0704_260-1This is the time of year when many college-bound guys and girls enjoy their last summer of freedom before heading off to the halls of higher education.  While a BA is by no means a Hollywood prerequisite, lately there seem to be a large number of college-aged stars who are choosing nightclubs over bookclubs. 

From Lindsay Lohan to Kristin Cavallari, check out which stars are studying hard and which are partying hard.

Linday LohanLindsay Lohan

Lindsay may not be taking any academic classes, but the just turned 20-year-old is no stranger to pulling an all-nighter.  From LA to NY and back, keeping up with Lindsay's nightlife escapades can be harder than getting into an Ivy league school. While teen movies like "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls" put her on the Hollywood map, Lindsay seems to have graduated to more adult fair with "A Prairie  Home Companion" and upcoming roles in "Chapter 27" and "Bobby."

Hilary and haley DuffHilary and Haylie Duff

Hilary, 18, and her older sister Haylie, 21, seem to do everything together.  They've recorded songs together, will co-star in the upcoming film "Material Girls" and enrolled in online courses at Harvard together. With past credits like "Raise Your Voice" and "The Perfect Man," here's hoping their new studies will lead to more intelligent roles.

Kristin CavalarriKristin Cavallari

Famous for being a real-life mean girl on MTV's "Laguna Beach", Kristin graduated from high school and set her sights on Hollywood. After hosting the short-lived UPN reality series "Get the Party Started," the 19-year-old's quest for fame led to a role in the upcoming horror movie "Fingerprints" and a gig modeling for Bongo jeans. While Kristin may not be enrolled in school, from the looks of her late night antics the underage starlet could teach everyone a thing or two about getting in to the hottest LA clubs.

Mischa BartonMischa Barton

Mischa Barton's character on "The OC" was killed off before she could attend college. In real life Barton's reason for not getting an edumacation is a little less brutal - she just wants to make movies. While the British born actress has aspirations of attending Yale Drama School, with two films in the can and two more set to start production soon, it doesn't look like Barton will be cramming for mid-terms anytime soon.

Mary-Kate and Ashley OlsenThe Olsen Twins

Mary Kate and Ashley aren't just your typical everyday, run of the mill, beautiful, fraternal twin billionaire babes - the Olsen twins also have brains.  The former child stars put their Hollywood careers on hold and enrolled at NYU in 2004.  Although Mary-Kate dropped out in 2005, Ashley is continuing on with her education. Regardless, as founders of their Dualstar Entertainment Group, it doesn't look like either of them will ever have to worry about having a job.

Keira KnightleyKeira Knightley

Keira Knightley was a happy co-ed at England's Esher College when her career started to take off.  Faster than you can "Bend It Like Beckham", Knightley traded her books for scripts and quickly  became one of the most sought after young actresses in the biz.  While other kids are partying on spring break, you'll be able to find Keira basking under the Hollywood rays with the "Pirates of the Caribbean."

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so i pretty much have mixed feelings about this whole thing. on one hand, i think lindsay lohan is pathetic in the first place and she needs to stop thinking she's the most amazing person on this earth. i give credit for the ones who can handle putting their career on hold, going to school, then picking up their career again later, although, like someone else said, you have to want to go to school. some people just aren't cut out for college. but not going because you're an actress, even if you want to go? it should be education before career. i see no reason why mary kate quit school, since she obviously isn't doing much with her time now, but again that's her choice. i'm still very bitter about lindsay lohan though. she should be fined for all the underage drinking and partying she's doing. i don't care if any of them are celebrities, they should all be treated the same as ordinary people. perhaps they'd learn this kind of stuff in school... which explains why some of them are so stuck up.

btw number 23 (erica) -- fraternal does not mean identical. fraternal means they don't look alike. identical means they do. i should know, i'm a fraternal twin.

3002 days ago


Honestly, if I were a billionaire, I wouldn't go to college either.

2993 days ago


WHY does your site continue to refer to Kristin Cavallari as a CELEBRITY? If I were ANY of the other women listed in the story, I would be OFFENDED. All of the women in the story have PAID their dues in Hollywood (with the exception of Hilary's sister perhaps) and for some reality TV has been to be included as a "celebrity" with these women is ridiculous. Get with it TMZ.

3033 days ago


Most of these girls were child stars. They grew up in Hollywood. I'm assuming, home schooled or tutored. They are successful and rich. The odd one out of that group is that Laguna chick. She NEEDS to go to school - even if it's just to take acting classes (Did you see her bomb on VM?!). What will she do when the straight to DVD movie offers stop trickling in? How many fake "candid" pics can her PR team send to US Weekly before they even wonder why they put this strumpet in their mag. Unless she wants to wait tables at the Ivy, she better have a backup plan. All the other girls have bank, film and/or music credentials. Do they NEED college? Probably not. Life shows that college isn't for everyone.

If these kids want to hit a club - some illegally - so what. It seems the LAPD doesn't care. Why should we?

3033 days ago

Carol Ann    

I thought Mary Kate and Ashley were identical twins?

3033 days ago

Lisa arneill    

Kristen Cavalleri needs to go away!!! She has not accomplished anything except for spreading her legs. What is she famous for?? Going out with stephan and being catty in Laguna Beach. Please stop posting crap about her. It only validates her own thoughts that she is famous!

3033 days ago


i know these celebs have money already is beyond me that they wouldn't want to go to school?!?!?!?!? some of them (eg: paris hilton) can't even speak properly!!! I do not have respect for them seeing as they do not think an education is important. That is why I love claire danes, natalie portman...and others who've gone to school. They deserve the respect!!!!!!!!!!!!

3033 days ago


Yeah the lauguna Beach chick is pretty.................. Pretty UGLY.

3033 days ago


to ashley... mk knows what has to be done
and we want to spend
your share as well :)

so... enjoy :)

lol b*tch

3033 days ago


well there's an education...

...and then there's

and education

we are very proud to have
mk in the group that counts :)

3033 days ago


why would you imagine i would post here
if i thought you would censor me
so fuck right off
i will never come here agin

3033 days ago


#12 they have some sort of strange

thing, so i just
they were suppressing
when they were
just supressing

learn something new every day : )

3033 days ago


You mention that Ashley Olsen is continuing her education but you do not say if it is still at NYU. Is she still there or did she move to L.A.? And for the record... attending solely online classes, while occasionally necessary, should not be considered an "education".

3032 days ago


Okay, you guys have to leave Kristin C. alone. Sure, she only became famous by being on a reality show, but she did pay her dues by having a show on UPN and failing to entertain audience. She is working on Fingerprints, and she is with SAG. For if she hasn't really paid her dues, I believe she's paying them. Come on, she will get to the top someday. I really hope she does. I know she has talent. She simply needs more instruction and power.

3032 days ago


Who is that girl from lauguna beach, anyways? I see her on entertainment sites and have no idea who she is or what sort of accomplishments she done.

3032 days ago
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