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Get a Room!

7/5/2006 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fireworks were not just going off in the sky over the 4th of July, they were also exploding on the beach. Kristin Cavallari and Jamie Lynn Sigler were all over their men, in a very public "get a room" sort of way.
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Kristin Cavallari and boyfriend Brody Jenner just couldn't get enough of each other in Malibu on the 4th. The two were guests at the Smashbox Cosmetics Independence Day party held on the beach at the Polaroid Beach House.

Check out Jamie Lynn Sigler's Beach PDA.

Jamie Lynn Sigler let her hands do some exploring on new boyfriend Scott Sartiano's backside in Malibu. In between all the touching and feeling, the two lovebirds also spent some time with new couple Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.

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2.5 years ago and 50-80 pounds ago, that could have been trashy Britney Spears and dirtbag hubby Kevin Federline on that beach! lol Can't see their face, so it VERY well could have been them.

3031 days ago


Love the fake hair on the FAKE "celebrity". Did she send you these photo's herself? It amazes me what little one can do to be considered a celebrity.

3031 days ago


I cant believe Kristin Cavallari has clawed her way up to the top in such a manner. What is she currently doing besides a b-movie? nothiiing. just showing uo in some jet set parties showing off her latest boyfriend....

3031 days ago


I totally agree. Kristin is NOT a celebrity. I believe she most likely is sending these pics herself and besides who gives a s!@# anyway? Shes a teenager from Cali, big whoop

3030 days ago


Why are you all such haters of Kristen? I think people need to worry more about themselves than what she is or isn't doing. No matter what you say about her looks or talent, she is still laughing all the way to the bank.

3030 days ago


hi i am Kristin Cavallari i wish that i could change my name to JESSICE SIMPSON because well she is better that me. i am a huge slut and i let every one see that by talkin about how many guys i have hooked up with on the OC and then not to mention what i am doing on the beach. oh yea i have to get up to the top some how, i dont care who i have to sleep with or blow but i am going to get there.
dude Kristin Cavallari for reals you should just fall of the face of the earth and give every one a piece of mind

3030 days ago


Am I the only one that does not know who any of these people are?

3030 days ago


They are doing all this for publicity, cheap media whores, and Jamie is digging her finger into her BF's bum...YUkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

3030 days ago


im sorry but who gives a rats ass bout kristin cavalleri, she doesnt act does she? all she did was b on a reality tv show and now the fuckin paparrazzi are all over HER arent there ACTUAL celebrities out who are interesting to talk bout?

3028 days ago


She is not a celebrity. She is just another spoiled rich girl from Cali that screwed her way to the top. She was a totla witch on the MTV show. Too bad real people can't get the world handed to them the same way. Hey Kristin, wanna pay my mortage with that ass?!?!?

3028 days ago


This is to comment #14, he ain't the boyfriend, he's the husband...

3028 days ago


No, Leif, you are not the only one. I don't have a clue who they are! I must be getting old...

3028 days ago


Kristin is the cutest thing to come out of the OC! I loved her on Laguna Beach! I'm glad to see she's doing well! As far as her acting in so called "B" many movies have you guys been in lately??!

3022 days ago


EEEWWWW!!!!! she's probably doing all of this just 2 get in the magazines!oh wait SHE IS!!!! god wut a ho! i cant stand ppol like that!

2972 days ago


What ass? Y'all have been referring to her non existent ass. I'm sorry, but just because you have a little bump in the back doesn't qualifiy it as an ass.....YT I tell ya. sheesh

3019 days ago
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