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Britney's "Access" To Gum

7/6/2006 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears Matt LauerI heard something hilarious yesterday about Britney's interview with Matt Lauer.

A producer for "Access Hollywood" helped field produce for Matt.  When they arrived at Britney's home, no one was there to guide Britney through this very important interview.  She did her hair, she chose what to wear and how to wear it.  It is shocking her publicist would allow what was about to happen.

What I find so funny is what I heard about the gum-chewing.  Apparently, before cameras rolled, Britney turned to the producer and asked "Should I spit the gum out?"  Of course the answer -- for Britney's sake -- should have been yes.   But Britney didn't ask the person who was looking out for her -- that person, her publicist, was no where to be found.  So the producer answered:  "Do whatever makes you feel comfortable."  And she did.

So Britney looked like a cow chewing her cud during the interview.  And she was actually seeking out advice -- from the wrong person.    It's not like the guy from "Access" did anything heinous.  But geez.... how did her people let her twist slowly, slowly in the wind?  It's remarkable.


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Common sense Britney, common sense is all you need, but apparently you don't have it.

3031 days ago


I do agree with you on that I can't wait for her to loose that no good for nothing so called husband it makes me ill just to look at him and he doesn't work he lives off of her cash but then again she lets him grrrr and oh yes dont forget about mr ben aflac hope I spelled his last name right but who cares he is always chewing gum in evey picture you see him in he looks like a cow and he even admits thats what he likes to do is chew and chew.. ok but I just want to shake britney and tell her to wake up and drop him(kevin) like hes hot but hes not lol

3031 days ago


not to be picky Sue, but can you please use periods.

3031 days ago


Sue darling that is one long sentence and it's "Affleck", just so you know for next time.

3031 days ago

Jon Layman    

Sorry, Sweetie, but you took Mother Nature’s Gift and trashed it. You seemed so surprised that we didn’t just see you as an innocent young woman, when you were showing all the skin you wanted anytime you wanted, and basically looking and acting like a slut. You seemed so surprised when we “mistook” your sexual power, after splashing it all over the stage and screen, even protesting that you were a virgin, to our disgust. You defended your exhibitions as innocent, all the while inspiring our young daughters to go down a path that often wasn’t so innocent. The problem is, you DID understand the power you were wielding, and you were all too happy to exploit your image for your own personal gain. Sex for money – it takes many forms. Too bad you didn’t indulge a little in the lifestyle you were advocating – then at least you would have understood the dangers you were so flippantly dismissing. So, to this writer it is not so difficult to understand you falling hard for the first male who actually penetrated your world, for that was the first time you personally experienced the power driving your successes. Sadly, there are a billion great guys in this world equipped with what impressed you. Sorry it came in the form of a nobody from nowhere. And now you have his children to raise. You seem to be a continuing saga of misunderstanding. Now, you don’t understand what it means to be a mother, wife and parent. These are grown-up roles -- last year you were just a girl. I DO feel for you, because you WILL grow up, and it WILL be painful. And, the mistakes you make from this point on will be larger in scope, because they will affect not only you and your happiness, but your marriage and your children. So, please, for the sake of yourself, your family, society and us all, use some of that money you have to actually learn what being a wife and a parent is all about. Put an end to your tabloid lifestyle, and quit reveling in the spotlight you crave. Hide out somewhere, surround yourself with REALLY great people for a change, and FIGURE IT OUT. At least you have the resources. Please, Britney…GET IT RIGHT!!!!! Maybe in the end you could actually be a great example to our sons and daughters. We’re all hoping…!!

3031 days ago


Wow. The comments from Jon Layman, July 6th, were perfect. His were the exact comments that I have expressed to my own young daughter about Britney and her immature behaviors.
Jon: you got it right. Nothing more needs to be said.

3031 days ago


Jon, you said it right, though maybe a little harsher than i would have said it. I do not think she was throwing her virginity in our faces, I think she was being told what to do by her handlers, and listened to them like a good little girl. Unfortunately, like all young girls, she has fallen in love with her "bad boy". But, unlike most of us, she married him and is having her second baby with him.
I feel sorry for her because she always comes across as a moron when she speaks, and I highly doubt she is as stupid as she appears. I think she just gets a little nervous when she has to freewheel it, and it shows, like in the Matt L. interview. I've seen her in other interviews which were NOT live, and she comes across as a sweet little country gal. She did look awful in her outfit though and that gum was obnoxious, as Zilly above said, she's been in the public eye her whole life, she should know better than to chomp on gum in public, you are always going to end up looking like a pig! The outfit too, ugh, what was she thinking? If there was ever a time to clean up her image some, it was then. Ever hear of a cute little maternity sundress Brit?
Well, you cannot redo what is done. Hopefully she will learn from her mistakes and move forward with the knowledge of what was wrong and correct her mistakes so she can set a better example for herself, her children, and her many young fans everywhere.
Good Luck Britney!

3031 days ago

Joy Nielsen    

When I read that your mother was helping you take care of your son I felt frustrated because we usually learn manners and appropriate behavior while growing up. Obviously you did not learn to dress and act like a lady. That means when not performing you dress and behave respectfully. I feel very sorry for you and your son because you don't seem to have common sense. As an example, when you and Kevin take him to the beach you should see to it that he is comfortable and protected from the burning sun. I believe you do love your son very much, but for God's sake get some sound advise on how to care for him before it is too late.

3031 days ago

wendell dixon    

I looked at the interview and I think that it Brit was just being herself. It's sad that Mat didn't tell her to take the gum out..but it's all about the rating..If she needs her publist to ask her should she chew on national tv....well...i have no comment...I'm sure that if you ask her again after the interview..she would probably realized that she looked like a slobering cow chewing gum....I really don't feel to sorry for her because she chose this lifestyle we call "stardom". I always say give me the money and not the fame.

3030 days ago


WOW Jon .. You nailed it. I dont fell you were being harsh at fact quite the opposite. You summed it up for me!

3030 days ago


Why don't all you jealous clowns just leave this poor girl alone. No bodies perfect, and I notice most of you knocking her are females. Stop the jealousy girls. Find something better to do with your time besides knocking this poor girls.

3030 days ago

Scotty T.    

Ouch!! Buuurn Jon L......Wow!! You said it very plainly without the sugarcoating if you will.... I think all of us parents really struggled with the image Ms. Spears was projecting as a young teen...... She didin't leave a much of anything to the imagination in her videos on stage and so on. However I do believe that she was molded into the figure that she became by her mother/manager, record execs and the like. Did she even have a say so, and if so how much weight did it carry? When she finally broke free..... Is this her rebellious stage gone out of control?? I feel bad for her...true enough she should know from her experience in front of cameras not to chew gum...fix her hair extensions....pull the shirt over her bra. But I don't all the way buy her plight to stay out of the taboids.... STAY OUT OF THE STREETS!!! Go to the "country" and stay until whenever......and by the way a few days later her PREGNANT NUDE cover shoot hit the stands.... meanwhile she's wondering why she can;t get the camera's out of her face....hmmm....I just think she has no idea what she's gotten herself into with the marriage and children....and here she is trying to cling to her namesake fame and fortune..... she's got alot of growing up to do and hopefully her children won't suffer in the's sad

3030 days ago

Nan C.    

First off, comma or no comma, this discussion is about gum. Sad when you realize there is at least one (but doubtless more) blogs where we all read an article about someone looking like a cow because of...gum. For the record, Brit is an adult who has made adult-sized mistakes. It's obviously useless to debate that. However, to everyone concentrating on trite "facts" about her interview-her hair, fake lashes, clothes, GUM ... is it really necessary? At that point she was like any of us are-unscripted. She was nervous, and hurt and I believe she made a spur of the moment decision she felt she couldn't back out of. Any of Matt's crew could have tried to help her and reigned the interview in or edited it, but apparently out of fairness (??) they left what she said alone. Without expressing it directly Brit expressed that she is lost in the lifestyle she began. Cut her some slack, as you'd do if she were a friend, or family member. She's only human, no matter how "goddess-like" or perfect she seemed before. She will make mistakes, the difference is hers will be under a microscope. Even in this blog there are petty mistakes made. Comma usage anyone?? Let her grow up. Support her if you're a fan, otherwise forget about her like yesterday's news.

3030 days ago


I know that Britney is a little slow, but can't we all just lay off a little. We are entitled to mistakes here and there! Let's not forget that not long ago most of us thought that she could be the next Madonna. She is super talented and that is what should matter. Not the fact that she makes bad personal choices.

3029 days ago


Trailer park? Why do people think that money instantly gives you morales,values,or integrity? You can't buy any of these! Poor girl, all she really needs is some true guidance,not just one more person to pay for half truths. Maybe she should go back to her christain roots. The Bible well teach you how to live, for free.check out Proverbs Brit,And focas on your babes,not making a clothes line or anything else that will keep you in the limelight,unless you NEED the money,and the limelight. God Bless.

3029 days ago
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