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How White Is That?

7/6/2006 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Where my white women at, you ask? This morning, they were hosting "The View."

Not content to be blandly milquetoast in just their on-camera banter, the co-hosts of the ABC show added the very Caucasian Susan Lucci to the seat formerly occupied by the fired (and African-American) Star Jones.

Whereas Jones would talk about her sex life with husband Al Reynolds with gusto often and unabashedly, Lucci spoke of how her character on "All My Children" would have love scenes "in a coma," sometimes with a green tube up her nose.

Even the audience got into the act, with panning shots of the assembled crowd revealing a decidedly homogeneous group of "View"-ers.

Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning did his best to provide some minority representation, and pop star Brandy returns tomorrow for her second guest-hosting audition-stint.


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Um! Who cares if there is another white person on the show? Obviously a black woman couldnt do the job.

TIffany, you are a DUMBA** for the above statement. Star Jones does not represent black women f*** bag. She is A black woman who The View let go. There are plenty of diverse women who can do that job. It is losers like you that perpetuates racism, discrimination, predjudice etc. Get a f***ing life you unducated moron.

3030 days ago


I watched the view today and I couldn't even get through the Hot Topic segment after Susan Lucci talked about "making love in a coma with a green tube up her nose." Then they did a past of the audience and it was soooo vanilla and mature.

Turned back again, and saw the 61 years old Lauren Hutton who looked younger then all of them. The show is lame and everyone is on their best behavior. The show is called the View and I tuned in because of the different points of views offered. They can't bring in an Actress from the George Lopez show or Sandra Oh they all work for ABC....come on this show had energy and it's just boring. CANCEL THIS SHOW, AlREADY.

3030 days ago


I think they should keep it an all white talk show. They seem to make the token black host so uncomfortable. They asked Brandy to show them her tattoos and asked her if her hair was real. Would they have asked that of a white woman?

3030 days ago


Retract your claws everyone...the reason this is a story is because the whole POINT of the VIEW is to voice the opinions of women from DIFFERENT walks of life....everyone simmer down.

3030 days ago

neha shah    

What a pointless, petty article, using race to stir controversy. I appreciate diversity that is based on individuals providing their varying or similar opinions and I define diversity based on an individual's experience and what made them who they are today. It's how I relate to people, not by categorizing race and whatever else you're going to bring up the next time a guest co-host appears.

3030 days ago


Diverse views have nothing to do with diverse color and race....look at HARDBALL....2 whites going at each other's throats!

When will America wake up and realize that it is WHEN you consider the color of the skin that THAT is when you are being racist, and that means including someone of color because they are a minority.

I take great offense at calling 4 white people Lily White and bland...Though Brandy is sweet, she offered nothing to the View during her stint there...all she did was smile, and had NOTHING of interest to say.

What makes a show interesting is debate, no matter what the skin color. And guess what, white people are interesting too!

Harping on getting some interesting folks in who have flavor actually sets race relations back ! There was a time when black people were just caricatured as jovial entertainers, and this seems to be what some suggest when they want some flavor.

Get over the race issue! Barbara has the right to have whomever she wants on the show, white or black! Let's be real, she has had guests of all backgrounds, and poitical orientations on the show, which is what keeps it interesting.

Let people just get together, no matter what their color.

3030 days ago


As an African American professional woman. I DEFINITLEY will not watch "The View" again until there is another woman of color on there. What do I have in common with four white women? Not too much. It's nice to get comments from someone who you can relate to. If I want to see white people telling stories all day I can watch CNN, Fox News, MSNBC etc.
By the way the Greek woman who was on the show Debbie something was forced out and the Asian Lisa Ling left voluntarily to work on issues that are close to her I believe she works for National Geographic.

3030 days ago


I totally agree with Lilli's comment. Does America even know what Diversity mean?

3030 days ago


I agree with the viewer who stated "who cares about the view"!!! I also agree that it's just a matter of time before it's cancelled!
I for one don't care to watch a76 yr old woman that needs to retire...and a so called super hyper seems to be on some form of speed Elizabeth! She's awful and totally getting on everyone's nerve....Joy Behar is tolerable! but not enough to save the show!
and goodness! SHE'S UGLY as Hell!!!! and would be just a turn off for that reason alone!


3030 days ago


Tiffany, I think you are a moron and a racist. (That makes 3 peoople right?) While I don't think that The View should have a "token" black woman in the chair, I do believe that diversity, as defined by Lilli, is absolutely necessary. Being a woman and having woman issues is enough to unite us. But the different experiences that we have had throughout our walk through life are also important and should be heard. The different walks of life are what made The View interesting. I used "made" purposely because the show is so dry now that I have to stay hydrated just to watch it.
One last thing. If they will get rid of Star because apparently there was "research" that showed her numbers were low; then why the hell is Elizabeth Hasselback still on the show? I don't know anyone who actually enjoys/agrees with/or can tolerate her idiotic, right wing harping! Listening to her pitiful attempts to say anything meaningful, when she has had the most disgustingly privileged life imaginable, makes me ill.

3030 days ago

howard supporter    

I miss Meredith but certainly not Star and her attitude.I have a lot of respect for Barbara, Joy and Elizabeth.I think Elizabeth is witty, amusing and I like her diversity on Politics. Who wants to hear just on view all the time be it Democrat or Republican, I vote for the person that I think is best for the job, not the party.
Thanks, sissy

3030 days ago


It's more than a little insulting to suggest that African Americans need to be quotaed in to everything

3030 days ago

Apres Ski    

Walters was wrong to insult Brandy by asking if that was her hair!! She hates it when the word 'adopted' is printed or mentioned when you talk about her 'adopted' daughter Jackie. Jackie ran away several times while trying to find her way with BW.

Does BW think that every dark-skinned woman wears a wig or extensions? BW will get hers & we might just be around to see it.

3030 days ago

mary poppins    

I USE to like Barbara, but after the way she treated someone who was loyal to the show as long as Star was, I could care less who is sitting at that table. I am a black woman, and I feel no other black woman should even want to be a co host on that show after what happened. And to Tiffany, Star did her job well, do not get it twisted!

3030 days ago


Tiffany, this makes 4. You are a beast and i'm white!!!

3030 days ago
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